Getting Started: How to Get Past Staring at a Blank Screen When You Sit Down to Write

Corey Blake // Writing

The story you need to tell consists of many pieces, and we often get trapped because we think we have to put those pieces together from the very start. Like a puzzle, there are parts that stand out and missing pieces that we don’t know where they belong yet. By taking the right steps at the start of the process, you will surely create a beautiful piece of art.


If Your Book Isn’t Creating Intimacy, It’s Failing At It’s #1 Job

Corey Blake // Writing

Each book creates a relationship with the reader…your job as an author is to create the one on one relationship that the reader is looking for, a relationship that often has them begging for more to the point that they can’t simply put the book down. By sharing a story that is vulnerable, honest, and truly depicts the essence of who you are, you are inviting the reader into more than just a story, you are inviting them into your soul.


Do You Know the Goal of Your Book? Ask Yourself Before You Start Writing!

Corey Blake // Writing

There are many reasons to write a book, many of them aren’t all that great. If you hone in on the wonderful, powerful reasons to write your book, you are on the right track. Before the gun goes off, knowing what is possible at the finish line will help you overcome any hurdle that may come up along the way.


9 ways to Deliver WOW worth talking about

Corey Blake // Business Thoughts, The Table

Yesterday on a phone call with one of our larger clients, the CEO of a 9 figure organization told his top staff to stop using traditional promotional materials and to focus on using the 10,000 books we’re sending them to reach potential new clients. Why? In his words: “The quality is spectacular.”