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How To Lead From A Place Of Gratitude: Six Lessons

Corey Blake // Business Thoughts, Purpose

As entrepreneurs, our personal happiness, the way we listen to and react to our staff, and the way we shape our own role at work all have profound effects on our companies, and ultimately, on how they grow. But lasting change is difficult. I should know – I recently achieved three major advances that I didn’t think were possible:

1) I pushed my wife to create more work-life balance with me,
2) I expressed compassion for a staff member facing personal challenges that were getting in the way of her job, and
3) I redefined my #1 priority with my team at Round Table Companies (RTC) to focus on deepening relationships with potential clients.

It wasn’t easy, but I had a solid guide.

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This Weekend We Were Pages in the Same Book

Corey Blake //

I’m an empty nester this morning. All my out of town staff, and all of my authors have gone their separate ways and I’m left in an after glow of reflecting on my takeaways from a weekend of connection, love, and revelation. Here are some of the thoughts passing through my mind today.


Seven Ways To Instill A Superhero Code Of Conduct Into The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs

Corey Blake // Business Thoughts, Creativity

When I (Corey) was a child, I went through a phase where I would keep two children’s aspirin under my pillow while I slept in my superman jammies. My 4-year-old brain was pretty sure that if a robber snuck into my room in the night to do me harm, those little peach-colored sugar pills would give me the strength to fend him off much like the Underdog super energy pill. “Have no fear, Underdog is here!”

Like all the kids in my middle-class neighborhood. I was obsessed with the Hulk, Transformers, and Star Wars. Now, as an adult, I am blessed to work with real-life entrepreneurial superheroes everyday. People who are endowed with superpowers born from insurmountable challenges that they then turned into nonprofit and for-profit businesses: childhood cancer, life on the streets, burns on over 80 percent of the body and face, rape and incest, bullying, and learning disabilities that rendered kids invisible.

At our company RTC, we call these entrepreneurs Crusaders, because they’re on a mission to change the world. Using their personal stories as springboards for change, they empower others, especially children, to not wait for tragedy to find purpose in their lives, and to align their passion with the way they earn a living. Below is a list of what we’ve learned from these Crusaders that you can use in your own life to inspire your kids to change the world.