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Interview with Corey Michael Blake, President of RTC

Corey Blake // Business Thoughts

Corey Michael Blake is the CEO of RTC. How did the company begin? How does he lead? And most importantly, where is he going now? Check out this beautiful interview by Y Scouts!


9 ways to Deliver WOW worth talking about

Corey Blake // Business Thoughts, The Table

Yesterday on a phone call with one of our larger clients, the CEO of a 9 figure organization told his top staff to stop using traditional promotional materials and to focus on using the 10,000 books we’re sending them to reach potential new clients. Why? In his words: “The quality is spectacular.”


Thought Leaders: The Value of Intellectual Property and 6 Takeaways to Consider

Corey Blake // Business Thoughts, The Table

When I was acting in Los Angeles more than ten years ago now, I would get paid a day rate for each acting job that I did. Buffy, Sabrina, The Shield, Mountain Dew, Hasbro, Mitsubishi, and many others. Typically that day rate fell anywhere between $500 and $2,500 a day. Sounds like a pretty penny, but the reality was that I might only work 20 or 25 days a year, the rest was spent auditioning for those paid jobs.

The real money came when something I worked on aired. But I never knew when to expect that air date. Commercials were the most lucrative because once they started airing they typically played nationally in multiple markets, and I was sent a payment for each airing. There were times when I would receive thousands of dollars a week in what I used to call “free money” because I wasn’t expecting it, and wasn’t relying on it to live; I had been forced to structure my lifestyle around my day-rates, not my unpredictable residuals.


Are you Writing a Book or Creating a Vehicle?

Corey Blake // Business Thoughts, Creativity

Last year I had breakfast with Tim Calkins, Clinical Professor of Marketing at Kellogg School of Management. Awesome guy with a real fervor for brand storytelling. As part of our conversation, we were discussing Tim’s release of a new book and we spoke about the difference between a book and a vehicle. Some writers are intending to create a book. It stands on its own, is released into the world to do its work, and is left to do so while the author moves on. But some books are vehicles…