Let’s make magic.

You want to change the world. It's time to explore creative approaches to reaching your audience and driving change.

We’re going to paraphrase Harold Clurman, who founded the Group Theatre in New York in 1931—and ignited a movement that led to Broadway and movies as we now know them. Harold said that the truth is like castor oil: it’s bitter and hard to swallow. And so we open their mouths with entertainment, and while they’re open, we pour it in.

Below are a few of the ways we’re using entertaining mediums to help our clients stand out, drive conversations, and ultimately make a bigger difference by playing a bigger game.

Creativity at work

Chalk Board Video

ActiveGrade and their Chalkboard Illustration

ActiveGrade is a Mid-West based Tech company who created an online standards-based gradebook that gives teachers insights into student strengths and weaknesses. They needed a creative solution for explaining their process and RTC came through.

School Curriculum

School Curriculum to help teachers use "Contrast" in the Classroom

Like many young people today, Devin C. Hughes spent a lot of his life in limbo, caught between identities and unaware of just how lost he was. His book Contrast is an exploration of his identity and his journey to live in alignment with himself. This curriculum was developed to help teachers use Devin’s story in the classroom.

Illustrated Book Series

ORP's illustrated series

Late last year, we were introduced to the amazing work done by this residential service provider, providing services to children and adults with severe disabilities. Rather than pour money into traditional marketing and advertising, RTC is working with ORP to lead the conversation through creativity.

Television Pilot

2nd Chances: From the Barrio to the Board Room

2ND CHANCES is an unscripted television series based on “From the Barrio to the Board Room” by Robert Renteria as told to Corey Michael Blake. The show follows 12 young contestants in need of a second chance as they pour blood, sweat and tears into overcoming their current station in life.

Book Trailer

Carmen Blandin Tarleton discusses "Overcome"

In June 2007, Carmen Tarleton was violently attacked, doused with industrial strength lye, and left to die by her ex-husband. In this short, 6 minute introduction to her book, Carmen discusses her experience with RTC and what she looks to do with her book.

Graphic Novel Adaptation

Tony Hsieh's NY Times Best-Selling Book on Culture

When Tony’s book first came out, it immediately became recommended reading for the entire RTC staff. As believers in the importance of culture and happiness at work, our partnership was a natural fit.

Illustrated Short

Marshall Goldsmith transforms Feed Forward

When looking for a new vehicle for Marshall’s concept of Feed Forward we synced up to create an 8 page comic western to help bring it to life!

Illustration Services

Chip Conley's Emotional Equations: Illustration

Inspired by Chip Conley’s New York Times bestselling book Emotional Equations, the RTC team sprung into action to accentuate Chip’s core value of elegance by illustrating one of the equations in his book.

Coloring Book

Little Barrio is here!

Robert Renteria’s award winning book and comic book has been turned into a coloring book for grades 1-3. Through the generous support of Boeing, Little Barrio is opening the doors to an even younger audience!

Business Comic Book Series

SmarterComics contracts with RTC to produce and package

RTC produced three prototype books for SmarterComics and then went on to illustrate, package, and publish the first six books in their series: The Long Tail, The Art of War, How to Master the Art of Selling, Mi Barrio, Think & Grow Rich and Overachievement. SmarterComics was just named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 100 most brilliant companies of the year.

Foundation Branding

Alesia Shute Foundation

From the design and layout of her book and comic book, to her foundation profiles, website, invitations, event announcements, video editing and PR, Round Table Companies supports the Alesia Shute Foundation through creative solutions.

Foundation Branding

Angelica Harris Foundation

We’ve been branding Angelica Harris’ books and Foundation for over seven years now. Her latest adventure, The Unicorn Project is a women’s shelter in Queens, NY dedicated to helping sufferers of domestic violence and rape to find a voice. RTC was recently commissioned to create an identity for The Unicorn Project (pictured here).