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Christine's Speaking Topic

WHO AM I? WHO ARE WE? WHERE ARE WE GOING? Harness the Power of Story to Unleash Your Company’s Potential.

Globally, businesses are seeking new tools to grow their next generation of leaders and groom women and diversity candidates for upper executive positions.

Chris facilitates these transformative experiences by guiding audiences to discover their stories, as individuals and as a group. She helps them find and disclose stories they may not have valued and author a more inclusive story. These new stories build buy-in and create a renewed sense of corporate purpose while also unleashing authentic leadership.

Within the safe space she creates, Chris helps individuals when they’re stuck in problematic stories and then to re-author those stories in a way that reveals untapped power and agency.

Chris has held various senior management positions, such as regional vice president for a retail chain, general manager for a West Coast–based consultancy, western regional vice president of an East Coast–based national training and consulting fi rm, as well as managing partner and president of three small businesses.

After learning about narrative therapeutic methods, Chris saw applications for business and built a values- and story-based process for executive training programs. She has since expanded the program for use in the diversity and inclusion space, and has helped several large corporations expand advancement opportunities for women and minorities using her unique approach.

CCS Consulting Inc. is a California-based coaching and consulting fi rm. It has used narrative methodologies with executives and organizations since 1998. Applying this innovative approach, the fi rm has helped guide teams and individual leaders through challenging transitions. CCS Consulting also has used the narrative approach to help fi rms bring about organizational or culture change, and to develop strategic narratives to guide companies as they implement short- and long-term strategic plans.

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