Round Table Companies

a storytelling company

We are looking for talented writers and designers!

What kind of people do we look for to join us at the Table?
We look for people who are . . .

Empathetic: someone who cares deeply for others

Curious: someone who wants a relationship with our clients, who is not afraid to ask difficult or intimate questions in order to better understand someone’s story and spirit. This extends to self as well. We want people who are curious about themselves, who are committed to continued (and often unexpected) growth.

Honest: someone who appreciates that at the core of any healthy relationship is honesty; we live and work by this belief, even when it’s hard.

Disciplined: someone who knows how to schedule and pace his or her work to meet concrete deadlines

Confident: someone who is able and excited to (eventually) lead a project

Creative: someone who can think both abstractly and analytically, who is not afraid to take risks if it will best serve the project and the client.

Engaged: someone who is interested not solely on working on individual projects and moving on, but who will bring new ideas to the table, who is excited to continue working with authors in the community, who is inspired to want to do more for our clients and team.

Collaborative: while we are a distributed company, with staff and clients all over the country, we find joy in working as a team.

Working with us requires intense joy, abundant love, and infinite gratitude. We can even help you achieve those things if you aren’t sure they currently exist in your life. But first, you’ve got to pay your dues. Here’s how:

  1. 1

    Send your most recent work resume as an attachment to an email. If it’s boring, liven it up.
  2. 2

    Read through the website and comment on the parts that spark your interest. Don’t comment for 18 single-spaced pages. Give us honest thoughts. Attach your thoughts to the email.
  3. 3

    Write the things you think you could offer the Table as an employee in the body of the email. Be authentic. We don’t care if you were published in the New York Times unless it changed your life and is your proudest accomplishment.
  4. 4

    Tell us a short story of something (non work-related) that made you feel good about yourself recently. Include it in the body of the email.
  5. 5

    Tell us how you celebrate. Brilliance is imperative at RTC. How do you push for brilliance in your work and in your life? What does that look like? Include that in the body of your email.
  6. 6

    Send it to with “Work Inquiry” in the subject line. Address the email to Yolanda Knight, and start your email off by saying something nice to Yolanda. She deserves it.