3 Questions to Ask Your Book Writing Coach

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Book Writing Coaching

Whether your book writing coach is your literary Yoda or simply a therapist for your manuscript, an RTC writing coach is going to be there for you from idea conception to manuscript completion. Writing coaches have been compared to manuscript midwives, writing wizards, and magnetic mentors. The key to fostering a fruitful relationship with your writing coach is to ask the right questions to get the most out of your work together. Here are three questions to ask your book writing coach to get you started!

How Much Editing Will You Provide?

You’re the writer, and you know you need an editor. It can be easy to pin that role on your book writing coach. That person is a writer, editor, and cheerleader all packaged into one. When you’re about to get started working with your book writing coach, ask them how much editing they are willing to provide. This question is meant to start a very valuable conversation between the two of you. Most likely, your book writing coach will come back and ask you to identify how much editing help you need.

RTC book writing coaches can provide you big picture conceptual editing as well as line editing throughout the book writing process. It all depends on the level of editing you think you need to feel supported. Your book writing coach will help you conceptualize and outline your book idea, but they will also help you strategically incorporate sensory details throughout your manuscript. It is a sliding scale of unwavering support.

How Will We Collaborate?

Everyone has their own style and preference when it comes to collaboration. Some people enjoy passing a word processing document back and forth, making notes with tracked changes and comments. Other people enjoy Google Docs and the real-time editing that the cloud-based document program provides. Your RTC book writing coach will adapt to your preferred collaboration style. This means they will meet you wherever you are and adapt to any collaboration tools you typically use.

Want to know more about our book writing coach program?

We recommend weekly one-hour calls to serve as coaching touchpoints and workshopping sessions in addition to email communication and offline collaboration. Our coaches are pretty flexible with scheduling and will always strive to find a mutually beneficial time to work with your schedule. We understand that writing your book is not the only thing you have on your plate!

What Will a Writing Coach Not Do?

RTC book writing coaches are “Jacks” and “Jills” of all trades. We can help you figure out what kind of book you want to write. We can guide you throughout the writing process. We can get you ready for proofreading or peer editing. We can even set you up for the publishing path! Keep in mind, there are a few things your book writing coach won’t do.

Your book writing coach will not proofread your entire manuscript. RTC has professional proofreading services for that, and many of our coaches excel at developmental writing, not in-the-weeds proofreading.

Your book writing coach will not market your book for you but will provide you with ideas on how to get your name out there and how to build your platform.

Your book writing coach will not write an endorsement for your book but will give you tips and tricks on how to secure endorsements as well as what publishing options exist should you choose not to publish with RTC.

The writing coach and writer relationship is a profound connection, built on creativity, mutual understanding, and a willingness to elevate your manuscript to brilliance. It is a remarkable journey, filled with editorial lessons and celebratory moments.