5 Things to Know When Writing a Book

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Book Writing and Editing
on March 16th, 2021

Books are powerful. They can change lives, inspire new ideas, and even manipulate readers’ emotions. Books can create a legacy, mark a moment in time, and give oral storytelling a permanent home on paper. As someone with a story to tell, you may be wondering what writing a book will do for you personally and professionally.

Writing a Book Will Challenge You in New Ways

Book writing is an intimate process. Whether your story is how your business got started and changes the world or is about your childhood and who you are today, you will have to dig deep. This means uncovering buried memories, reliving forgotten moments, and processing potential traumas for the sake of connection with readers and putting it all onto the page. Every story has some sort of arc. Every story hero faces challenges at some point. The climax in your book is just one of the many climaxes in your life. Book writing is gritty but profoundly rewarding.

Are you writing a book?

Writing a Book Will Sharpen Your Perspective

Since you will be challenged to excavate deep memories, feelings, goals, failures, and triumphs, you may find you develop new perspectives throughout the book writing process. That’s right . . . it is a process. Some might say it is the process of processing your story so you can share it with others. Even if your story is focused on the present and future, you will be peering into the rearview mirror of your life at the past. With the awareness you have today, your perspective on past events in your story may change, shift, or sharpen. Be sure to take your readers on that journey!

Writing a Book Will Open the Door for New Connections

The book is the new business card. Except it is far more detailed than your title, location, and contact information. Writing a book is intimate, and that intimacy breeds vulnerability. Authentic vulnerability fosters a sense of trust. And powerful connections are built upon a foundation of trust. It is almost as if you are inviting readers to see a part of your soul or how your brain works or the treasured history of how your business came to be. You can expect your book to positively impact your personal or business goals, whatever they may be.

“The book is the new business card.”

Writing a Book Will Not Make You Rich and Famous (Right Away)

There are a few things that writing a book will not do. If you are writing a book to become a famous author and New York Times bestseller, you may want to hit pause. This is not to say those goals are implausible. However, it takes precise marketing, connections, some financial backing, and more to become rich, famous, and on major bestseller lists. These goals should be secondary to your “book writing why.” What is your why? Are you hoping to help people? Entertain the masses? Grow your visibility? Gain new customers of clients? These are all spectacular “whys.” If you go into the book writing process with a similar why, the monetary and celebrity goals will be like the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae if met.

Writing a Book Will Not Give You Instantaneous Credibility

You are the expert of your story. Throughout the book writing journey, you will establish credibility throughout multiple touchpoints in your story. However, just because you have published a book does not mean you will have instantaneous credibility. The book will enhance your credibility, adding to what you already do or provide that makes you a credible individual. As you market your book alongside your business or persona, your credibility will grow. If you are searching for ways to enhance your credibility on a particular subject, look for public relations opportunities where you can contribute to articles on your topic of expertise. Always provide value in the subject area of your expertise whenever possible. Just like trust, credibility takes time.

If you have a story just waiting to be shared, focus on your why, determine the best route to make that story permanent on the page, and go out and change the world.

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