A Look Into Process

By: Lizzie Vance in
on October 24th, 2017

Last week was our first opportunity to find a way to practice what we envisioned with Corey's book. He was at the Conscious Capitalism conference all week, so was unavailable for calls . . . but we were sensitive to the potential for lost momentum for the book, so we gave him some questions we hoped he would find time to respond to while he was away. One of his answers came back as a video reply, which I found to be wonderfully connective. I felt like Corey made a point to keep his project in mind every day, and we felt brought into the experience with him. In some respects, I felt more in touch with his process/thinking/growth while he was away than the weeks leading up to it, namely because we don't usually hear from our clients every day. It felt like, if nothing else, the time he put in to his answers were notes for us to track and come back to when he was done with the conference.

On today's call, we got an opportunity to reconnect and really put into practice the approach and values we have (so far) only expressed in words. Prior to the call, Annie Rose reached out to Katie and me to strategize for support. She lost her beloved kitty only days ago, and as the lead interviewer on these calls, she expressed she felt tender and delicate, and she hoped I felt comfortable leading. I did, and I also shared with her that I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to practice holding space and allowing for the humanness and vulnerability of all team members. Without prompting that, however, when the call started, that was exactly what Corey stepped in with: concern, checking in, allowing space for Annie Rose's grief. It felt congruent and in integrity with not only Corey's values but the company's too. (Which, I imagine, aren't all that different). At any rate, the team approach here continues to surprise me, as with each opportunity to rise up into integrity, we do--with each other, with the client, and presumably, within our inner experiences. It feels like an alive process, and I know that if we just keep staying present with that, it won't stagnate.