When You Find the Perfect Book Writing Coach, It’s Magic

By: Michael Gershe, Founder/Director of The Magic of Life Foundation in RTC Testimonials
on July 11th, 2019

This was my second go around with RTC and a book coach after submitting my work for a review a few years ago. When I submitted my working manuscript in 2018 for another review, I was finally determined in finishing the book. I was pretty happy with the review and excited that the book wasn’t far off from being completed. I didn’t know what to expect when I was paired with Mary Anna but it was a perfect match right from the start.

Mary Anna was enthusiastic about the manuscript and that put me at ease as soon as we started working together. As a speaker, I’ve stood on stage countless times telling my story, but she got me to tell it as a writer. She pushed my creativity to “paint the scene” that really flushed out the details of the story, even the most painful ones. Mary Anna helped with forming the dialogue and digging deeper when the story needed it. Our Monday afternoon phone calls were always full of laughter as we progressed through the book.I was always excited when she would say, “That’s a mic drop moment!”

My Book Writing Coach

Mary Anna was such a great pleasure to work with because it just wasn’t another “assignment” for her. She really believed in the story we were telling and that was fantastic. She was vested in the book and it motivated me to do my best as well. I have no doubt that this book could not have been done without her guidance. She was easy to work with and most of all, a lot of fun to work with.

RTC was willing to work with my budget at times because they also believed in the book and that really put me at ease too. They wanted me to succeed, not just take my money as a paying customer. I really appreciated that.

If I ever decide to write another one, I will definitely work with Mary Anna again. Of course it took me 17 years to complete this one, so we shall see, we shall see…..

Thank you to everyone at RTC, but especially to Mary Anna who I don’t just consider her my writing coach, but a dear friend.


Michael Gershe

Founder/Director, The Magic of Life Foundation, Author of The Magic of Life: A Son's Story of Hope after Tragedy, Grief and a Speedo

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