Anything But Mundane: The Magic of RTC’s Extraordinary Executive Assistant

By: Malary Hill in Get to Know Us

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous,” according to journalist Bill Moyers. And when it comes to Liz Bauman, this creativity oozes from her very spirit, from the way she approaches her daily work as RTC’s executive assistant and in her role as a momma, and from the way that she chooses to engage with everyday life.

Playful, easy-going, and unbelievably organized, Liz approaches her work with the joy, hope, and optimism that can only be found in the most magical of human beings. As RTC’s executive assistant, Liz has enjoyed sitting in just about every seat imaginable at the Table. From serving as the keeper of the calls for over ten years to her current roles as scheduler extraordinaire, HR rock star, and our heart-centered connecting point to sales and leads, Liz manages to take this juggling act and turn it into something fun and perfectly put-together.

One of her biggest joys, she shares, is that she “has had the pleasure of listening to so many stories grow from their infancy into a full-fledged book.” To her, “watching the process from beginning to end has been such a special part of [her] role at RTC.”

Liz has been with RTC for over a decade, finding her way to us through her work as a medical transcriptionist for a pharmaceutical company. While pregnant and on bed rest with her twins, she desired to find fulfilling work that could be done at home. She knew that for her, being with her babies was the next marvelous adventure in her story, and this knowing led her to gain an education in online medical transcription. And, while this work offered her the freedom that she desired in her motherhood journey, Liz was open to working in a different environment, creating space for her to be recruited onto the RTC team.

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Her creative spirit and willingness to lean into learning has made her a perfect fit for the RTC culture. Liz lives out our core values and is always up for taking on new roles, finding new ways to support our team and the clients we have the pleasure of working with, and creating space for everything to run smoothly and beautifully. By working her very own magic, Liz allows our writers, editors, illustrators, project managers, and leadership team to elevate to brilliance and create an irresistible experience for our clients.

When Liz isn’t making magic happen at RTC, she can be found living out her dream life with her husband and four children. As perfect as it sounds, she inhabits a quiet five-acre homestead in Union, Illinois, filled with chickens, lambs, a lush garden, and a plethora of other animals. Her family is tight-knit, and when they are not enjoying the day-to-day on their own plot of perfection, they often hop on their four-wheelers, ride through the woods, and spend their days reading, baking, and swimming at their in-laws with whom they share acreage.

Despite her humble belief that “most everything [she has] done is normal,” it is evident that Liz takes those seemingly mundane experiences and makes them into something unbelievably extraordinary. And this truth makes life at the Table more fulfilling and possible than could ever be imagined.

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