How the Art of Business Storytelling Brings People Together

By: Agata Antonow in Event Experiences
Art Installation

It starts with a box and a question at your next big event or in the middle of the office. The question may be “What are you most proud of?” or “What makes you vulnerable?” Everyone on your team reflects on the question and drops their anonymous written answer into the box. Out of that emerges your business storytelling. Our artists then spin those replies into art on a 16' x 8' wall or a three-dimensional installation, such as a cube.

And suddenly the deepest yearnings of your colleagues and friends leap into view. “I feel like everyone else is better educated than I am.” “I want to make a real difference on earth.” Your story—and the narrative of the people around you—is made up of these unwritten stories, whether you’ve been aware of them or not. There’s more to these people than you ever see at the conference table or the water cooler, and RTC brings it to life in an art installation you can look at, touch, and be inspired by during your next meeting or workshop—and for years to come. Customize the art installation in a way that sends sparks of energy across your entire team. Use it as a jumping-off point to celebrate your biggest “taking names” victories or as a way to bring up the hidden fears and hurts you must start talking about now to take them to the next level.

Business Storytelling Through Art

Art and storytelling have been transforming humanity for thousands of years. How will you make your mark with art installations? If you have an annual meeting, conference, important goal-setting session, or other important milestone coming up, aim for something fresh and transformative. Contact RTC today to find out how we can bring beauty to your company connection and your business storytelling.

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