Make Your Book Shine with a Professional Writing Coach

By: Agata Antonow in Book Writing Coaching
on January 20th, 2021

If you're serious about writing your book, a professional book writing coach can make a huge difference. Writing your story isn’t a sprint; it’s a triathlon. You need to be able to find the right voice, structure, style, and approach to attract the right audience and you must stay on track through outlining, drafting, and editing. No serious athlete works without a coach and you shouldn’t, either.

At RTC, our writing coaches serve your book by helping you uncover possibilities you may not have dreamed of. We work closely with you to tease out the best stories, to cheer you on in your writing, to answer your writing questions, and to get you to the finish line.

Book Coaching

Our Writing Coach Process Gets You to the Finish Line

When you work with RTC, you are paired with a professional book writing coach who understands your story and has the writing, coaching, and editing experience to make it come to life. Through regular phone calls and emails, you work together to find the heart of the story and to make your writing shine. Best of all, the coaching program has the flexibility to ensure you get to write your way. Whether you work best with just a bit of direction or intensive collaborative work, RTC customizes your coaching experience to your needs. You can even request a second reader to review part of your manuscript and to offer additional feedback.

If you have always dreamed of writing a book yourself but need that extra support, the RTC coaching program may be the winning solution.

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