Corey Blake Discusses Legacy Book Writing and Being Vulnerable on Thrive Global

By: Kelsey Schurer, Executive Editor, Round Table Companies in Book Writing and Editing
on October 13th, 2020

Corey Blake, founder and CEO at Round Table Companies (RTC), was recently featured on Thrive Global as a contributor, highlighting the benefits of vulnerable storytelling with RTC, its book writing services, and how to leave a legacy book long after you’re gone.

In his contribution to Thrive Global, Blake highlights the importance of writing a legacy book as one of the best ways to create a greater impact through not only sharing your endeavors but also transforming your sense of identity and shaping your overall well-being. To have a lasting impact on the world, you might try sharing your legacy through the art of book writing.

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Leaving behind a legacy is like a ripple effect, Blake explains. Some of us are content to leave a lasting legacy on our families, an intimate circle of people we know and love and trust. Some of us are drawn to leaving a legacy that impacts a larger audience, rippling out beyond our families and friends, beyond our time on earth. Whatever impact we make through our endeavors can affect many lives, which in turn contributes immensely to our legacies left behind.

Write a Legacy 'Who Am I' Book

Blake proposes that writing a “Who Am I?” book offers one of the best ways to leave behind a legacy that extends those ripples outward, reaching a wider audience for a long-lasting impact on each individual that reads it.

As the founder of RTC, a storytelling company that built its book writing services with vulnerability at its core, Blake suggests that a great story for your legacy book begins by being vulnerable—with your heart, soul, pain, and passions—and turning that vulnerability into a portraiture of understanding your life goals, dreams, failures, and victories.

“An author who writes a ‘Who am I?’ book invites readers to understand how life has prepared them to champion a conversation,” Blake writes. “That book pushes readers to consume every single page, often multiple times. That book tells readers whether they are aligned with the author. That book becomes a magnet for people who don’t simply want to take from the author; they want to contribute to that author’s legacy.”

You can generate that ripple effect of impact naturally through book writing. The more readers that gravitate toward your book and learn about your legacy—your contributions to the world, your vulnerable experiences that make you into who you are—the more readers will be championed to pursue and contribute to your legacy as well.

Because when you are vulnerable in telling your story, Blake explains, you are shining a light through yourself and onto the reader, allowing them to see themselves through the lens of your story. When you see yourself through the lens of another, you establish a relationship and you build trust. Readers learn about you—personally—not just the lessons you are trying to teach them, but the emotional experiences of your life that have shaped you into the being you are today.

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With RTC’s book writing services, you are encouraged to be vulnerable. To write a legacy book with RTC means to let yourself be transformed, to awaken a new view of your identity. You are seen through the lens of someone else—a reader who wants to contribute to your endeavors and to impact the world, just as much as you do.

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“We all want to form deeper connections with ourselves and others,” Blake writes. “Leaving a legacy book that is filled with your heart and soul can be the access point readers didn’t even realize they needed.”

Corey Blake is the founder and CEO of Round Table Companies (RTC), the publisher of Conscious Capitalism Press, and a speaker, artist, and storyteller. Featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, Corey has spent over a decade guiding CEOs, founders, and thought leaders to write the book they were born to write. His work has appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, and Wired, and he is the winner of 15 Independent Publisher Awards, a Belding, a Bronze Lion, and a London International Advertising Award. Creator of the Vulnerability Wall and the Vulnerability is Sexy™ card game, Corey also won 2017 ADDY and Hermes awards for his documentary of the same name. His animated short film We Heard You has generated more than 2 million views for his client, PayActiv. Corey travels around the country delivering keynotes and facilitating storytelling workshops for organizations of all sizes.

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