Unleashing Vulnerability in Your Book Writing Process

By: Katina Jones in Book Writing and Editing

It’s that moment just before you say, “I love you.” The time in high school, where you finally give in to that urge to tell someone you like them—and then your leg catches a chair at the lunch table, bringing down a host of others while focusing all eyes on you. It's the moment after writing a book when you hand it over to a reader. The plane hitting extreme turbulence, jolting a superficial chat into the most real conversation you’ve ever had. The hand across a hospice bed, where all artifice falls away and you finally make time to review and celebrate the small, yet pivotal, plot changes from the movie of your life.

That’s what it means to become a vulnerabilitarian: to allow the messy parts of your life to inform, enlighten, and empower yourself and others. Here at Round Table Companies, vulnerability is not only welcome, but we think it’s sexy. And it’s the critical ingredient in our “secret sauce.”

Writing a Book With Vulnerability

Growing up, we are trained to hide it—and even to fear or deny it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s take a deep breath, be brave together, and just call it out. Stare it down, until it cracks wide open and allows the light to seep out and surround us. Let it illuminate us, bathe us in a new truth, enable us to shed old skin and pull up a new exoskeleton—one that empowers us to rise up stronger and more agile than ever. To expose who we once were, so that we can regenerate and become a better version of the humans we were destined to become. To move confidently forward, toward a powerful new story that is built upon the necessary elements of our past. To accept and learn from our own and others’ stories, however dark and twisty they may have seemed at their time of appearance before us.

This is what makes vulnerability so damn sexy: It allows us to become the superheroes of our own lives. Each time we face it, we become that much stronger. We learn that the lessons are gifts for ourselves, others, and humanity as a whole. We accept that to create something from nothing every day, we will be required to be not only honest and smart and kind, but also brave, because we are all fighting battles unseen by the rest of the world. No one gets out of this world exempt.

So, how do start writing a book where you tell the truth—the whole truth, warts and all? And why would you want to do so, especially in a business world built on the instant gratification and “rewards” of powerful facades, empty achievements, and meaningless accolades? A universe in which you are literally paid to show only the sunny side up but not the struggle it took to get there?

Book Writing Starts With the Antidote of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is the antidote based on the concept that we’re more alike than different. On the surface, it seems to lure us into thinking we are somehow unique in our challenges—and that others exist only to ostracize or belittle us. But it is actually so much the opposite, more about finding the threads of human connection, the flawed yet colorful pieces of the patchwork that provides warm, safe coverage from the storm. It’s the talking stick that is passed around the campfire, recognizing the gift of sharing our stories in ways that can empower and enlighten the entire world.

That is what we do here at Round Table Companies. We take the parts that crack us all wide open, heal them with a healthy dose of truth, and then pass the torch of powerful meaning. The path forward is illuminated with love and acceptance—and together, we walk in beauty.

Are you interested in walking with us as you start writing a book?