Why You Should Hire a Book Writing Collaborator, Not a Ghostwriter

By: Sheila M. Trask in Book Writing and Editing
on September 18th, 2020

Thinking about writing a book is exciting. You imagine how satisfying it will be to share your experience and knowledge with others. Telling your story will give you the chance to illuminate a corner of the world in a way nobody else has or could. You can’t wait to get started. You have so many ideas! You wonder, can I write my book or should you hire a ghostwriter?

Actually writing a book is hard. You have to hold all of those ideas in your head at once while deliberately putting them into words, one after the other, day after day. You hope they will make sense once they’re out of your head and on the page, but you worry that they won’t. And it takes so long.

After a few days, weeks, or months of typing three words and deleting two, you may find yourself wishing you could just plug your computer into your brain and let them sort it out directly. No need for you to be the middleman.

Middleman. Hmmm. A thought arises: If only I could hire someone to do this for me.

Book Writing Collaborator vs Ghostwriter

The thing is, you can hire someone to produce a book for you - a ghostwriter - and for the right price, they’ll take what’s on your mind and fit it between the covers of a book. And they might do a fantastic job. Some ghostwriters are really, really good at getting thoughts, ideas, and experiences onto paper.

But think about this: do you want your story to fit the usual mold?

Or would you rather write a book that’s custom-fit to your needs?

The writers and editors at RTC can help you write your book, but we’re not ghostwriters. We are collaborators. Collaborators who will work with you on your book with a degree of dedication that may surprise you. We will also challenge you to closely examine the story you’re telling and to think about how it might evolve. We’ll listen carefully to what you have to say and reflect that back to you. Then we’ll ask you what you’re not saying. And why not. And we’ll wonder aloud if maybe, just maybe, you should say exactly that.

We often compare the RTC book writing process to the process of building a house—we do site visits (interviews, where we get to know you), create a blueprint (a vision and plan for writing your book), and then we start building (putting words down on the page).

Yes, We Can Help You Write Your Book
Why you should hire a collaborator, not a ghostwriter

The question is, will you be happy with a kit home, or would you rather have a custom-build?

If you know exactly what you want and it’s available, there’s nothing wrong with ordering it up. If it’s made by craftspeople with a solid reputation, you’ll have little work to do yourself and you’ll wind up with a perfectly serviceable house for you and your family. Good for you.

If, on the other hand, you cringe a little when you think of living in a house with the same floorplan as your neighbors, or if you have your own ideas about how you want your rooms to flow, you will want to work with someone who can help you explore those ideas. Someone who will notice that your son is a budding violinist and suggest a soundproof music room. Someone who can help you build more than a house. They’ll help you build a home.

When people come to visit you at your custom-built home, they’ll learn much more than they would from stepping into yet another beige cookie-cutter ranch house. They’ll learn something about who you really are. Maybe you sited the building for morning sun and added a greenhouse because you’re an avid gardener, or you lined the living room walls with bookcases to satisfy your inner librarian. With each custom touch, you’re opening up new avenues of communications with your visitors.

Hiring a Book Writing Collaborator, Not a Ghostwriter

Writing a book works the same way. By following some basic rules, any ghostwriter can put together a readable book. But we help authors put their whole, real self into their books, connecting much deeper with readers.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many pages you write, where you publish your book, or when. What matters is what you bring to the process, what you get out of it, and how that transforms your writing. The payoff? The more attention you pay to the process, the more impactful your final product will be, and the more people you will reach with your message.

At RTC, we believe everyone has a meaningful book in them, and almost everyone could use a little help bringing that book to life. We partner with you to do just that. We know from experience that as collaborators, we can help you discover and develop your unique vision and, ultimately, build it.

We Can Help You Write Your Book