Fear Series: Is This the Right Time to Write My Book?

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Book Writing and Editing
on July 27th, 2021

Like many things in life, writing and publishing a book takes a certain amount of courage. Not only is the project itself difficult, but before you even reach the blank page, you may have fears circling inside your mind, creating doubt and worry that hit the brakes on your excitement and discovering your book’s full potential.

But don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many, if not all, authors face the same abyss: to write or not to write.

When should you start writing your book? How about now?

When a friend says they want to do something but it’s “just not the right time,” what is your reaction? Do you think, “Absolutely, you’re right, you should wait on doing that.” Or, more likely, do you say something like “That’s an excuse. There’s never going to be a perfect time. You should do it!” Most of us would say the latter. Why? Because we know that when we say things like “the timing isn’t right,” we are really expressing fear of completion.

Is This The Right Time to Write My Book Clock

Time signals us to either slow down or speed up. When we think about timing, we think about our ability to either run the race or peter out. Our fear is that within this “time” construct, we won’t have the ability to complete what we were called to do–write and publish our book.

In other words, we view our lives like an hourglass, and the time is running out.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to write a book but felt there was something holding you back. You had this tiny bit of fear suggesting that if you just reached another milestone, or if you just waited until life slowed down, or if you just procrastinated to the last second, inspiration would suddenly spring forth from you like a fountain and then you would be able to finally write that book, tell your story, and dare to publish it.

Leanne Rozell, author of the RTC book, Praying for That Man: A Love Story from Above, stated, “Writing this book has been a life goal of mine, but other things always got in the way.”

So many of us have put off a project or book writing because “the timing wasn’t right.” In fact, some people have confessed outrageous ways in which they procrastinated instead of writing a book.

“For Leanne, writing and publishing her book was a matter of finding the right team to hold her accountable and give her direction toward the finish line.”

Whether you are a natural-born procrastinator, or you are trying to squeeze something in with your jammed schedule, the fear of poor timing doesn’t have to hold you back from writing a book you were meant to write. For Leanne, writing and publishing her book was a matter of finding the right team to hold her accountable and give her direction toward the finish line.

Rozell admitted, “I would write and delete and start over. So I thought, Enough! Enough procrastinating. Enough of other things getting in the way. Enough starting and stopping.”

Despite the fear of completion, poor timing, or procrastination beyond potential, you can still write your book. But first you have to make the decision to be brave and say, “Enough!”

The time is now! Take the first step in writing your book!