Feel the Love: A Testimonial on Book Coaching Services from Glenn Meyer

By: Glenn Meier, Of Counsel, Greenberg Traurig, LLP in RTC Testimonials
on April 12th, 2017

“When you talk about working with Round Table Companies, I think you have to start with Corey Blake,” Glenn says. “As the founder he really sets the tone for the company.”

Throughout the book coaching process, Glenn felt nothing but Corey’s absolute devotion to helping him discover and express his best self. Glenn found RTC at a pivotal time, when he needed help expressing himself the most.

“It doesn’t end with Corey,” Glenn says. “His spirit spreads through the whole company.”

Glenn notes that RTC’s core value is LOVE. “Every time I’ve interacted with anybody from RTC, I’ve felt the love. I’m just so grateful for them for what they bring to the world.”

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