How to Use the New Normal to Spark Creative Inspiration

By: Malary Hill in Dose of Inspiration
on April 3rd, 2020

Your freedom lives in your ability to understand that nothing is certain. Yet, in uncertainty you hold the power to create anything. —Danielle Doby

As countries around the world work tirelessly to flatten the curve, new protocols and restrictions create an ever-increasing awareness that life is in a constant state of transition. And that transition is feeling a lot like a march over shifting sands, where when we try to change and adapt we find only that the world has shifted and we are called to transition again.







However, as someone who works almost exclusively from home, there is an odd familiarity about this situation. I am accustomed to quick transitions, to role shifts, to early mornings holed up in my office space with the familiar noise of the coffeemaker brewing and babies snoring on the monitor. And while I haven’t had to uproot my workspace, leave my colleagues and my morning Starbucks run behind, the truth is that everything is different.

The truth is that all of our lives are different.

All of our lives are experiencing friction.

All of us are sitting in a space of unknownness.

While this space can feel scary and uninviting, I believe that it also has the capacity to offer us something else. These ever-evolving challenges, while breaking us open, might also be breaking open new perspectives, new possibilities, and a renewed clarity and direction.

This shift in normal, while stretching us to fulfill multiple roles, can also create space for play, for innovation, for creativity to flourish again.

The quietness of our days are sparking new ways to connect with one another.

The friction we are experiencing as we are pulled in different directions opens up a new awareness of our busyness and what we allow our lives to be driven by.

The distance between us and the rest of the world is opening up new curiosities about the people and the things that intimately surround us.

So while we sit in the wait, wondering when our jumbled lives will feel a little less jumbled, let’s create a space where we can learn more about ourselves and what we are made of. Let’s use this friction that we are experiencing as an opportunity to understand what it is that we are allowing to pull us, and reinvite new direction into our lives.

Child splashing in puddle wearing rainboots

Let’s invite play back in.

Let’s innovate and create, reclaiming those things that we once loved.

Let’s reignite curiosity and wonder and be pushed in the direction of possibility.

For some, this might mean pulling on your rainboots and jumping in puddles with your kids. For others it might be taking out that drawing easel, dusting off the guitar, stringing up those ballet slippers—remembering the beauty that is felt when you make art with your hands, your voice, your body. For others yet it might mean slowing down and enjoying the wonder of the world that surrounds you.

And maybe, just maybe, in learning to navigate this new normal, we will learn exactly what life is all about and who it is that we want to be, seeing those shifting sands instead as a new adventure, turning us into kinder, stronger, more malleable beings. Because the truth is that we will never really be going back—we will only be transitioning into a whole new normal on the other side of this, hopefully bringing the very best of ourselves along with us as well.