How to Write a Book When All You Have Is An Idea

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Book Writing and Editing
on March 31st, 2020

You should write a book. It is one way you can define your legacy and leave your mark on the world. You have experiences and a unique perspective that could make a positive impact on others. You are the only you that will ever exist, and your story matters. Now, how should you start?

The Round Table Companies signature full book writing development process is unmatched and personal. We offer authors so much more than merely a manuscript. Together, we unearth the story you are meant to tell, and tell your story in the most engaging way for the greatest level of impact. During your time with us, your inner author is cultivated and your conceptions curated. And at the conclusion of our journey together, you can have that earned confidence of being a published author, with palpable excitement about the story you are sharing.

Here is a glimpse into this transformative experience.

We Can Help You Write Your Book

Your Team Can Find Your Vision So You Can Write a Book

When you want to write a book, first thing is first. You meet your team, created from our dynamic roster, which has collective years of writing, editing, and publishing experience. To make sure you are matched with the most exceptional team possible, we conduct an internal assessment to ensure that your team will mesh well with you and your story. To do this, we take into account each team member’s interests, talents, personality, and availability. In this first step with your story architects, your initial idea is transformed into a vision and outline.

The Vision stage is based on your goals for the book and the foundation of your story. It is here where we define your target audience, explore the calling you received to write this book, and get familiar with your author voice. The vision will serve as our guide, along with an outline of your book.

At Round Table Companies, we lead with love and thrive in curiosity. This is how we establish a trusting and collaborative client-first relationship. You will always have final approval on everything we create together and will receive progress updates every step of the way.

Before Writing Your Book: The Creation of a Blueprint

If you have ever assembled furniture from a well-known Swedish company or built a home in which to house it, you know that every project needs a highly detailed blueprint as a guide--and when writing a book, the process is similar. Your Round Table Blueprint is our instruction manual, which will seamlessly steer the creative process and chapter development. Your story architects will lay down the foundation of your story and determine the best way to frame out your chapters. During this phase they will also meet with you to gather specific details from your first-person accounts.

Digging the Foundation for Your Book Writing

Once you approve the Blueprint, we work on the initial foundation as you write your book. We take a little longer with this phase of the journey because we want to be sure we have captured your voice and stay true to your vision. Through regular working sessions, depending on your preferences, your story architects will gather pertinent information and write the first three chapters according to the Blueprint and outline. Your Round Table team is gifted with an innate sense of curiosity to ask the right questions and get to the heart of your story. As your storytelling architects, we will gently unearth the most engaging and relatable aspects of your story to help create the most compelling narrative.

Full book development process
We Can Help You Write Your Book

Building as You Write Your Book

With a solid foundation, a clear picture of your voice, tone, and general pacing established, you're ready to start writing your book. Now, the team begins to build upon your story based on the vision and the outline. Chapter by chapter, over time it begins to flesh out, according to a timeline established earlier in the process. Your project manager will keep your story architects on a stable and predictable schedule. Chapters will be sent to you for approval upon completion, and a round of edits takes place before moving on to the next chapter. You will continue regular meetings and engagement based on your preferences to move the process along. This process builds until you have a complete first draft of your manuscript.

Outside Reviews When Writing Your Book

By this stage in the book writing process, you and your Round Table Companies team have been the only ones to have seen your manuscript. Because you are deep in the creative process, it is essential to find flaws. Did you reference a character later in the book with no introduction? Did you accidentally flip-flop between second and third person in a chapter? Do you leave the reader with unanswered questions? Enter your Reader/Editor. A Reader/Editor is a specialist from your Round Table Companies team who has not read any part of your book. Your R/E will review your complete manuscript and provide a brief analysis—like an inspection—detailing strengths and making recommendations. You, your team, and the Reader/Editor will discuss the findings and agree on any major edits that have been recommended. After this meeting, your main team will collaborate with you and complete additional edits to your manuscript, then go through several rounds of refinement.

Proofreading--When Writing a Book Meets Grammar

Congratulations, you have written a complete book! However, you’re not quite ready to apply finishings and share it with the world. Once you and your Round Table Companies team have edited and refined the manuscript thoroughly, you will move into the proofreading phase for a publish-ready book. One of our master proofreaders will comb through the words, references, even punctuation of your entire manuscript and make edits under the Chicago Manual of Style. Need footnotes? No problem, we can assist with those too. Because of the differences in the books that we help our authors create, the Proofreading stage is a separate package and one we consider critical to ensure that your manuscript is guaranteed to be ready for publishing.

Publishing Your Book

For the completion of your book, Round Table Companies is proud to offer an array of publishing services. Your story architects will review publishing options and resources so you can, together, make an informed decision on publishing. Your Round Table Companies team is dedicated to telling your story in the most compelling way. Now it is time to determine the best reveal for you as the Author and discuss traditional publishing, self-publishing, creating your tribe, supporting with other media, and even platform development. Your Round Table Companies team is dedicated to helping you, as your real journey as a published author is just beginning.

We are like no other storytelling company. Writing a book is one of the most personal things you can possibly do. From the initial idea to the hardcopy in your hands, Round Table Companies is excited to share your story.

Your experience is content. You can make an impact. With Round Table Companies full book development, you can write a book.

We Can Help You Write Your Book