Get the RTC Family Behind You to Support Your Book

By: Tom Sult, Owner, 3rd Opinion in RTC Testimonials
on September 18th, 2020

“Most health books on the market are about some miracle cure. I wanted to create a book about real people doing the real work of healing,” says Tom Sult, medical doctor and functional medicine practitioner and author of Just Be Well.

When Tom contacted RTC, he was just looking for a company to help him write the story of functional medicine. Instead, he found a family. As a painful introvert who is “more comfortable in an exam room than a party,” Tom was incredibly surprised how quickly he became a part of the RTC family.

He admits the book writing process was daunting at first, but the team created a framework that just made sense. After motivations and ideas for the project were discussed, the outline was developed through a collaborative process.

“The process of flushing out your dream, your ideas, and telling the why of your story gets this family behind you,” Tom says. “By the end, they’ll want this more than you do, and that is a solid foundation for anyone.”

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