How to Create a Successful Podcast By Pulling Out Exceptional Stories

By: Sheila M. Trask in Storytelling in Business

Podcast Interviewing for Impact

Podcast hosts know they need to connect with their guests in order to connect with listeners, but they don’t always know how. That’s because “interviewing is an art form, much like playing the piano,” says Corey Blake, founder and CEO of Round Table Companies, and as such, it requires practice. In this article, Blake draws on over 15 years of experience mentoring storytellers across multiple media to help podcast hosts learn how to interview for impact.

The Power of Storytelling with Podcasts

Storytelling podcasts are powerful, writes Blake, because they center on something human beings care deeply about—relationships: the relationship between the host and guest, and their relationship with the audience. In a world where listeners can choose from among 1.7 million podcasts, Blake suggests, a mere exchange of information is not enough to hold anyone’s attention long enough to build those relationships. Finding out what’s fascinating and unique about your guest’s experiences and perspective, on the other hand, will help them become better storytellers, and will help you both stand out in the crowd.

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What Your Podcast Storyteller Needs from You

Interviewing is not an art form that can be mastered overnight, says Blake, but with the right strategies and enough practice, you can learn to bring out your podcast guest’s inner storyteller. Strategies Blake explores here include tips for adopting a learner mindset, techniques for creating psychological safety for your guests, and resources for learning the art of active listening.

The rewards for accepting the responsibility of elevating your podcast guests to storyteller status are rich, concludes Blake: “When you invite listeners to connect to your guests in ways that tether them to one another—possibly for the rest of their lives. And when you help listeners fall in love with every guest, you’ll find that your audiences tether themselves to you as well. Both your brand and the brand of each guest are profoundly affected. And what does a brand desire more than a fanatical following?”