Leading with Love as a Company

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Storytelling in Business

Roses are red. Kindness is free. We lead with love here at RTC. But what exactly does that mean? Sure, all companies care about their clients and customers to some degree. But how does this care manifest itself within a storytelling company? Well, for starters, we pride ourselves on helping you uncover your story so you can ignite the world. We believe everyone has a story to tell, a book to write, and a purpose that stretches far beyond their immediate circle.

The Love Within a Book Writing and Publishing Team

At RTC, we are truth seekers, storytellers, and dream makers. We are the quiet introverts, the wild extroverts, and the most amazing group of people willing to go the extra mile for everyone on our team. We are always people first and give ourselves and each other permission to be fully human—to love, to share, to acknowledge the bad days, to celebrate the good days, and to show up as our most authentic selves. We not only encourage vulnerability, but we receive vulnerability with grace and compassion, always striving to be a safe place to land. Through it all, we promise to stand with each other, support each other, and love each other fiercely. No one gets left behind. No one goes unheard. No one goes unseen. At RTC, we believe in love, we believe in the power of our stories, and most of all, we believe in each other.

“Roses are red. Kindness is free. We lead with love here at RTC. ”

The Love for Our Clients

We love learning from our clients. At the end of a project, we tend to feel more like a big family instead of a collaborative book writing and editing team. While our work is professional, it is also human. Therefore, the human aspects of life tend to weave a beautiful tapestry of experience through our coaching calls, full manuscript development conversations, and even in the editing and proofreading process. We ask our clients about their lives, their loved ones, their pets, their successes, and their struggles. In turn, many of our clients adore learning the same about us. It is a beautiful professional friendship that tends to last long after the book has been published.

The Love for Your Book and Vision

We don’t start out with contracts defined by word count, page count, chapter count, or any other empirical benchmark that could restrain the book writing process. Our goal is to support you from your vision to the finished work, no matter how long it takes. Every project is unique, and every idea is considered. You are in the driver’s seat, and we’re your GPS for the ride. Our team cares for your book as if it were our own personal work. We do this by ensuring your ideas are brought to life in a concise and compelling manner that moves readers to feel or do something. We challenge you when we feel you can dig deeper and lean on your vulnerability for the good of your project. We listen to your concerns about ghostwriting, budget, timeline, and imposter syndrome. Then we develop an action plan to make sure you feel confident and comfortable every step of the way.

Spread the love with your story!

The Love for Your Book’s Contribution

At RTC, we don’t write or publish just any old book. Instead, we help you bring forth and create a meaningful and impactful literary work that can change the world someway. Maybe your unique experiences can help young entrepreneurs kickstart their ventures with less hiccups. Maybe your professional and personal development journey can inspire someone to make incremental changes in their own life. Maybe your take on grief is exactly what someone needs at this very moment. Whatever the intention, we make sure your book’s contribution is pure, honest, real, raw, and authentic.

The Love for Storytelling

RTC has been specializing in storytelling since its incorporation in 2006. Through our work, we understand our tendency as human beings is to view our early experiences in life—our childhood fears, choices, and fumbles—as our weaknesses. But that perspective can trap us within a cycle where we seek to validate the story of our weaknesses repeatedly throughout our lives. Living a more powerful and purpose-filled life begins with telling a more powerful and purpose-filled story. This awareness has led RTC to develop a 12-week online storytelling course, which helps participants unleash the hero within their own story and step into a more empowering narrative for their lives.

These are just a few of the ways RTC leads with love as a company. And we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.