Sarah Byrd: The Woman Who Just Keeps On Movin’

By: Malary Hill in Get to Know Us
on July 2nd, 2020

When one door closes, perhaps you just need to knock a few more times—at least that is what RTC editor Sarah Byrd believes with every fiber of her being. One part Southern sweetness, two parts spunk and a whole lot of grit, Sarah is the picture of what the power of persistence and an unmitigated desire to chase after your dreams looks like.

Raised in California, but a Floridian at heart, Sarah moved to the Sunshine State to attend Florida State University after living on the other end of the country with her father. Sarah gained her associate’s degree in 1997 from FSU, and afterward continued to pursue an education in website development and design with a desire to open her own business—which she ultimately did in 2004. However, just as she began to pull her business up from its bootstraps, fate had other plans—in the form of the 2008 recession. While her desire to maintain a thriving business seemed to be slipping through her fingers, she cast all doubt aside and trudged forward, ultimately making a successful mark in the freelance world. And while this work fueled her for nearly a decade, it was after the birth of her first daughter, Grace, that she unlocked her true passion—writing. By vulnerably sharing her personal experiences with her daughter via her blog, the magic of writing began to come alive with its power to connect with people of all different backgrounds and experiences.

This exposure pushed Sarah to begin to explore writing more seriously, and as she traversed this path she also gave herself the freedom to work within different styles—leading her to write screenplays, begin a memoir, and ultimately land in her favorite wheelhouse, the fantasy young adult (YA) novel.

“Reading something that you can’t put down, something that has you asking, ‘What the heck just happened?’ at the end: that is genius.”

What is it about the YA novel that she loves so much?

“I love reading a book that is fast,” she said. “Reading something that you can’t put down, something that has you asking, ‘What the heck just happened?’ at the end: that is genius.”

Perhaps another reason why she loves the art of taking people out of their world, placing them in new, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and then finding a way to overcome them is because she has seen the power of this truth come to fruition in her own life.

For Sarah, finding an agent for her first book has been a journey of learning, growing, and finding the right fit. However, this journey is exactly what led her to RTC. While attending a practice at her daughter’s gymnastics gym, Sarah spoke with RTC President Kristin Westberg, an acquaintance whose daughter happened to be on the same team as hers, about her passion for writing, her story, and the process of working through the publishing process. Learning that Sarah was actively seeking representation for her book, was obviously serious about writing, and had a tenacious spirit, Kristin encouraged Sarah to apply.

Working for Round Table Companies has been a beautiful fit for Sarah’s heart-centered approach to life, contagious optimism, and passion for transformative storytelling. Her encouraging spirit is contagious, and she believes with every ounce of her being that the client has all that it takes to share their story with the world—desiring only to walk alongside them, root them on, and support them in discovering the story that they are meant to tell.

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When Sarah is not creating brilliance at RTC, she can be found laughing, playing, and learning with her four beautiful children, working on bits and pieces of her many writing projects, practicing hip-hop dancing, or reading the latest YA novel, searching for the next book that she just can’t put down.

One of her favorite songs, Move by TobyMac, has a chorus that speaks directly to Sarah’s heart:

Move, keep walkin’ soldier keep movin’ on

Move, keep walkin’ until the mornin’ comes

Move, keep walkin’ soldier keep movin’ on

And lift your head, it ain’t over yet, ain’t over yet

Her life, encouraging spirit, and enthusiasm around everything she touches in life, including each client’s experience, give her such a beautiful edge and make her an irreplaceable part of the RTC team. And I know that when Sarah is involved, the project will keep on movin’ until it becomes the story it was meant to be.