Share the Gift of Your Story

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Book Writing and Editing

For generations, lessons, morals, family histories, fables, legends, and more have been passed down through the tradition of storytelling. From carefully sketched cave art to the unparalleled magic of prose, storytelling is powerful and transformative. But you don’t have to be a legendary figure to pass down inspiration to others and write a book. In fact, the only thing you need to be is your authentic self. Your story is a gift.

Writing a Book Is a Gift of Yourself

When you write a book and tell your story, there are more than just themes and words splattered on the pages. With each anecdote, a piece of your heart and soul is embedded within the text. Writing a book requires pouring oneself onto the pages. Everyone who touches your work will have the opportunity to get to know you as a writer. Since you are the only you that will ever exist, that is a pretty unique gift to bestow upon others.

As you write your book, you will also contribute your unique perspectives. You may see or do things differently than others. Therefore, others can learn from you. They can apply those learnings in their daily life and impact others in the process. It is like a “pay it forward” initiative, but with stories.

“You never know the impact you can make until you bravely decide to share your story with the world. ”

Writing a Book Is a Gift to Yourself

Many people write a book to say, “I wrote a book.” It is a wonderful accomplishment and certainly worth bragging rights. But writing a book is not just a gift of triumph. Writing a book is also a gift to yourself. You get to embark on a meticulous, and at times tedious, process of uncovering the story you are meant to write. This leads to new discoveries about the narratives you tell yourself on a daily basis. You’re going to learn new things about yourself that you didn’t know before you started telling your story. That gift may mean more than your byline. But if they’re equally important, that is okay too.

Writing a Book Is a Gift to Others

The human experience is such a magnificent thing. Each person on Earth gets to experience life in a completely unique way. No two lives are exactly the same. Sure, similarities may exist, but the exact carbon copy is impossible. Therefore, sharing your story with others is a way to shine a light on your unique experiences they otherwise may never encounter.

Writing a book may give your friends or family members the courage to tell their own story. Sharing your story may give someone peace of mind that they are not alone or hope if they are struggling. You never know the impact you can make until you bravely decide to share your story with the world.

Share Your Story

If you’re not convinced by now, give it more thought. Oftentimes, we think we are too ordinary. We don’t think our story matters. But really dig deep and examine your life. What may seem simplistic may be the perfect narrative for someone else. Remember, no matter what life throws at you, or what others tell you, you are special. And since you are special, your story is also special.

Not sure where to start? Consider writing down all the notable events in your life. Then, make a list of your achievements. Take note of your career trajectory or major moments of change. Finally, write down any life lessons you have taken to heart. Can you find a story in this snapshot of your life? What about in your field of expertise? What is one thing you want to shout and tell the world?

Remember, your story is a gift and gifts are meant to be cherished and shared.