Storytelling through Event Experience Wall Art

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Event Experiences

Do you remember playing a game when you were a little kid where you sat in a circle with your friends or classmates and you built a story together? If you were really young, you probably only had to contribute a word to the vocal story. If you were older, perhaps it was a sentence. You may have even been given select words or sentences you had to use in your storytelling. The premise was simple: one person starts and you go around the circle adding to the story. But where that was a verbal storytelling medium, this is a visual one. Instead of sitting in a circle, you are contributing to a large canvas. And no one is telling you exactly what to say.

This is what RTC event experience wall art is all about.

A Blank Wall Art Canvas and a Question

The experience begins with a prompt, peppered with vulnerability. Depending on the event, it could be something like “What keeps me up at night is . . .” or “My biggest fear is that . . .” Participants are encouraged to answer the questions or prompts anonymously by writing their response down and placing it in a secured box. In turn, the RTC artists and designers add an illustrative flare to the responses, documenting them across the once-blank canvas for all to see.

It is a story unfolding right before your eyes, and it is real, raw, and honest. Creativity sparks within each of our artists, giving your response the unique and beautiful attention it deserves.

“Collaborative wall art is powerful because it gives participants a safe, yet beautiful, space to see they are not alone. ”

Extraordinary Storytelling with Wall Art

Storytelling through event experience wall art is a profound and extraordinary adventure. It is a beautiful way to capture the point-in-time feelings, motivations, thoughts, concerns, and enlightenments at a specific event or juncture. It could be a writing conference where writers are asked what holds them back from unleashing their greatness into the world. It could be a corporate retreat where employees are asked to state their hope for the future of the company. It could be a college orientation where everyone writes down a fear and an expectation they may have as they begin their collegiate careers.

The list is endless, because an interactive point-in-time storytelling experience is appropriate for just about anywhere. And unlike the storytelling game from childhood, you can take a photo of the wall as a keepsake and refer back to it whenever you need a dose of inspiration. It is more than a memory. It is a memorable experience.

Collaborative Wall Art

One of the most remarkable aspects of RTC’s event experience wall art is that participants do not need to be artists themselves. They just have to be a little vulnerable and trusting with their anonymous responses. Our artists and designers take care of the rest.

Ready to tell your story?

Collaborative wall art is powerful because it gives participants a safe, yet beautiful, space to see they are not alone. Oftentimes participants are surprised or relieved to see similar answers to the prompt appear creatively on the canvas. It is an illustration that says, “You are not alone.”

Storytelling with wall art is more than a pretty canvas with words in images. It can also serve as a conversation starter for deeper discussions that are important to the organization. Every profound discussion starts with a question and someone willing to answer.

Even if they answer anonymously.