He Was Intimidated by the Book Writing Process

By: Dr. Doug Luffborough, Nonprofit Executive | Educational Partner in RTC Testimonials
on September 17th, 2020

Dr. Doug Luff, speaker, consultant, and life coach, has been speaking for many years. After nearly every engagement, audience members would ask him if he had a book. Wanting to expand on his story, Dr. Luff began to explore what the book writing process could look like. At first, the cost, the length of time it takes to write a book, and other factors made the dream seem a bit intimidating. Then Dr. Luff met RTC.

“I’m so excited all these years later to say I’m the author of Watch Me Rise,” Dr. Luff says. Throughout the book writing process, Dr. Luff learned there is strength in his vulnerability and authenticity. He is grateful that RTC made sure his passion rang through each and every page.

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