How To Write a Book by Uncovering Your Hidden Stories

By: Agata Antonow in Book Writing and Editing

When clients come to RTC interested in writing a book, they often arrive with the seeds of creative inspiration. They want to write a business book, a children’s story, or a textbook. Looking closer with their team, they often find that the initial terrain they were examining in their minds is not necessarily the adventure they were meant to go on. In working with RTC, clients often find whole new worlds of stories.

You see, behind every story is the beginning of another one—shadowy figures of possibility and subtle little trails that lead to new adventures and discoveries. Behind the idea of a business how-to, there may be a deeply personal narrative of survival, a story that’s aching to be told. And behind the story of a seemingly comfortable life may be a heroic battle for truth and success.

Writing Your Book

When clients embark on a professional book development journey with RTC, one of the first things our team looks forward to is listening. We listen to the bones of the story and the spark of the idea, but we also dig deeper. Claude Debussy once said that “Music is the space between the notes.” This is what we are listening for: what is unsaid, what is unstated, what is uncovered. We want to know the story behind the story.

These early calls can feel deeply emotional as clients begin to realize what they truly want to say. All desire for writing is an authentic desire to connect, but sometimes we are driven to connect in one way when, in fact, what we really yearn for is to connect in a whole other way. This deeper connection with the reader can feel scary and even subversive. If a writer has a story inside them about the pain of starting their business when their industry tends to favor just-the-facts nonfiction texts, going against the grain can feel like a big risk. This is why even seasoned writers will sometimes default to a specific narrative or a specific way of telling the story instead of leading with the heart. We go where we think the readers want to meet us, instead of trusting them (and ourselves!) to follow the thread of narrative and possibility. The role of your RTC team is to support you and gently challenge you to tell the truth you were meant to share, the story that only you can tell.

Is it any surprise that these early calls are vision calls? They literally ask you to re-vision what you thought you knew about what you are writing and ask you to look at your life, yourself, and your plans through a new lens.

But it doesn’t end there. In fact, that’s only the first step.

Love and Book Development

Book development means the RTC team falls in love with the story and the storyteller. We work together until your team is as deeply invested in the book and the story as you are. We are waking up early to work on it and staying up late thinking about it. For us, it’s all about finding the right way to connect your experience to readers. RTC isn’t just putting down one word after the other for a client; we are deeply inspired and in tune, which is necessary to fully reach the audience your book was meant to find.

Once the deeper story has been uncovered and the relationship with your team has been forged, it’s time to create the treasure map together—the map that will lead the writer and the team to the finish line of your book. The team reflects back what they have heard—both the story and the music in between the notes—and explores all the ways the story can be told. One of the ways RTC excels at this is by showing up in unusual ways. Maybe you were picturing your story on the shelves of your local bookshop alongside countless others. RTC can show you the full atlas of possibility—all the places you can go with comic books, illustrated books, and formats that really excite you and let you fully engage with what you want to say.

Sometimes, a story or book emerges full in its idea. More often, it kind of sneaks up on you, edging into consciousness. No matter how the idea of a book has shown up in your life, you owe it to yourself and your story to explore the full scope of possibility. What is the truth behind your story? What emerges when you dig deeper? What is the narrative hidden in the depths of your experience? What is really crying out to get told? If you’re driven to write, it’s because some spark of creativity has been entrusted to you. Your team at RTC works to make sure you honor that gift with the most magical narrative you can create.

If you're thinking about how to start writing a book, reach out to RTC. We're ready to listen.