Published Author Reveals Her Secrets on How to Write a Book

By: Annette Hulefeld, Spiritual Director/Psychospiritual Therapist in RTC Testimonials

At the risk of sounding like an “over the top, daffy old lady,” let me say that my experience writing a book with RTC was nothing short of miraculous. So many people told me about the hellishness of publishing a book and I was advised more than once to self publish—to save myself from being diminished and losing my voice in terms of what I wanted for the book. Nothing could be further from the truth when working with the RTC book writing and coaching staff. My editor/coach was brilliant, insightful, and always enthusiastically supported my vision and writing skills. Even when I had moments of “this is taking so long, and why bother, it isn’t important.” I’d get humorous articles depicting exacting what I felt along with cheerleading phone calls.

During my 60’s, I had a “never go away itch” inside my soul to write my spiritual memoir, a desire to bring hope to all individuals, particularly women, who’ve been labeled as crazy or “way out there” for their intuitive, spiritual and mystical gifts. When I began the process, I couldn’t trust my writing skills and wondered if the editor was just being nice to me! However, it didn’t take long for me to recognize her coaching skills and brilliant approach on how to reach the audience the book was intended for. Except for my own internal critical voices, the process was smooth, with very little stress. What most stunned me was how effortless it was to put all the publishing pieces together, with no conflict and no diminishment of my voice.

How Writing a Book Worked for Me

As I wrote my book, I recall the collaboration of the team to complete the cover of the book, keeping the integrity of the image along with the wording. Research shows that many times a collaborative effort really diminishes the introvert—and I am off the charts introverted!—but not with this team. I was listened to, respected, supported, and always with honesty and humor. In other words, I never became invisible in the process. Wow is all I can say. This team healed me in so many unexpected ways—and no one set out for this outcome! Truly, I was taken in as precious pearl, offered a velvet-lined environment, and tenderly but firmly polished so I could finally deliver my life’s work to the world.

Yes, I am probably “too much” in my praise but its coming from a full, loving, and grateful heart. I believe Corey is an unusual, evolved human being who is destined to change the editing and publishing worlds. The people he has hired all seem to demonstrate a fine integration of skill and compassion, of vision and artistic talent. I regret that I’ve never had the opportunity to work with this kind of team throughout my years of service in the work world. And RTC is like the home I never had—quite an accomplishment for a publishing company!

Thank you for the opportunity to bring forth the feminine consciousness through the writing of my book Rooted in the Stars, Planted on the Earth: One Woman’s Path to Embodied Mysticism. My mission is complete and I await the next steps.

Annette Hulefeld, D.Min/LCSW

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