The RTC Book Writing Process: A Behind-the-Scenes View

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Book Writing and Editing

When it comes to writing your book, you may envision yourself working alone, plugging away on a laptop. As you compose each page, you feel a sense of accomplishment but also doubt because you have many more pages to go. When you choose to work with RTC, you get an entire book writing (and publishing) team at your side. Let’s peel back the curtain and unveil your full team.

Client Care Coordinator

“I want to write a book, but I’m not sure where to start,” are words many of our clients say. To determine what book writing and editing journey is best for your needs, our client care coordinator will discuss your overall goals and budget. But that’s not all. You can expect the client care coordinator to remain a part of your team from start to finish. Whether you have concerns or want to learn more about RTC’s offerings, you are always a quick email or phone call away from getting the answers you need.

Getting to Know You and Your Book Writing Project

Before you put the pen to page (or clickety-clack on your keyboard), we want to learn a little more about you and your project. This gives us perspective to properly match you with your book writing team. Remember, at the heart of your story is you. Your experiences and emotions make your project unique. This is true for everything from heart-wrenching memoirs to profound thought leadership books. When we get to know you and your project, we can be sure to help you discover the story you were meant to write.

Meet Your Project Manager

Every book writing and book coaching project is guided meticulously by a project manager who will help create milestones to ensure you meet your project’s goals. Like a literary concierge, your project manager keeps everyone on the team accountable. Have questions about additional services? Your project manager can guide you in the right direction.

Writers, Coaches, and Editors

RTC’s editorial staff is composed of editors who also double as book writing coaches and writers. Your book writing coach will offer practical guidance throughout the book writing process. This includes homework assignments, high-level editing, and brainstorming sessions. If you’re partaking in our signature book writing and full manuscript development, you will have a writer and an editor on your team. The writer will conduct calls with you and take a pass at the initial draft of your chapters while the editor helps finetune the manuscript and make sure your concerns and ideas are heard.

Once your manuscript is complete, a peer editor will conduct a manuscript review. Your peer editor is someone who has no previous exposure to your book and can offer objective feedback where it is needed most.

Enter the Book Writing Proofreader

Get ready for a complete draft, a few revisions, objective feedback, and feelings of great accomplishment. Now you have the option to put your manuscript through RTC’s vigorous proofreading process. Our highly skilled proofreaders will make sure no comma is misplaced, all words are spelled correctly, and your manuscript is grammatically correct. This is a very important service as you want a professional and polished manuscript for publishing.

“When you choose to work with RTC, you get an entire book writing (and publishing) team at your side.”

Book Design and Publishing

From eye-catching book covers to the inside layout and everything in between, RTC’s talented book designers create beautiful works of art using key themes and concepts from your manuscript as well as your design preferences and ideas. Our designers embark on an exploratory process to uncover the most brilliant and aesthetically pleasing design elements that help your book look authentically you. Once complete, your entire team will work together to get your book published and ready for the world.

A Dynamic Team

So when you choose to partner with RTC for your book writing project, you not only receive a dynamic team who will stick by you from day one, but you also become a part of the RTC family. We are here for the highs, the lows, the sticky parts, and the celebratory successes.