The Secret to Unlocking Brilliance

By: Agata Antonow in Book Writing
on May 13th, 2019

Last October, Safwan Shah came to us with a draft of a business book about the importance of changing the variable of time in the payroll process. His was an important and timely idea, and Safwan is a solid writer who also brought huge credibility in this space. His company, PayActiv, moved a billion dollars last year to reduce the suffering of those living paycheck to paycheck.

Every writer benefits from objective support, and Safwan was no exception. In working with RTC’s founding editor, Corey Blake, Safwan discovered areas where he was missing opportunities to bring readers more deeply into his story.

For example:

A wonderfully expressive and intuitive writer, sometimes Safwan’s humor in the book was poignant and disarming, and sometimes it was distracting to the reading experience. Corey helped acknowledge where the humor created deeper connection and where toning it down was beneficial to the reader.

At times, Safwan’s passion could become intense and appear condescending or blaming, which was never his intention. We found ways to keep his heightened passion without vilifying anyone.

At times the writing was ambiguous, and Corey worked with Safwan to coax out the kind of specificity that activates readers’ imaginations.

Other times, the story in Safwan’s head was not aligning with the story on the page, and Corey helped him find the dots that were not connecting.

When industry jargon was an obstacle for the average reader, Corey guided Safwan to explain or simplify his language. And when Safwan drifted into second-person narrative (which creates distance between the reader and author), Corey nudged him back into first person (where connection between the reader and author intensifies).

In each of these cases, RTC was playing a role in taking an already well-written manuscript and turning it into a brilliant book.

Athletes need coaches. Artists need muses. For any business leader interested in writing their own book, an editor is the secret to unlocking their brilliance so their words can be tasted, chewed, swallowed, digested, and turned into nourishment for the reader.

A word of warning, though: Our team of experienced editors will challenge you to connect the dots differently, ask questions to provoke new insight and new thoughts, and dive deep into the manuscript to guide you. Together, you will uncover the book you are meant to be writing, and you’ll be asked to step up to the plate to create a moving experience for your audience.

Are you ready for the challenge? Are you ready to work with a professional and say “yes” to sharing your story in its best possible form?

Contact RTC to find out how our team of editors can help you. Through conference calls, email exchanges, comments in the margins, as well as direct edits to your manuscript, your story will be transformed.

Our editing process can also include proofreading and additional services, if needed.

Safwan’s book It’s About TIME was recently published through Conscious Capitalism Press.