The Story Hero: Strengthening My Heart Through Vulnerability

By: Kristin Shier in RTC Testimonials
on December 20th, 2021

Before sharing my story, I felt nervous and excited. It was a good exercise to look at my life and choose one story to try and focus on. It forced me to “declutter” my memories and focus only on the thread of my story.

As I started telling my story I got more comfortable. It was nice to get a reaction of laughter or gasps from Gen and Corey as I told it. I felt comfortable and encouraged to continue. Afterward, I enjoyed the feedback and even learned that others in the group felt like they needed to hear my story that day. It was nice to feel like I was part of something special.

The Story Hero Strengthening My Heart Though Vulnerability Kristin

The next day I felt vulnerable and like my heart was sore after working out—but in a good way, like it was growing stronger.

Selecting and voicing my story out loud did change my perspective on myself and the past. It allowed me to take a step back from individual events and look at it all together in a new context.

It also made me feel strong to share my “weak” parts.

I would encourage anybody to try this as a empowering life experience. It’s also a great way to connect with like-minded people.

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