The Truth about Collaborative Book Writing

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Book Writing and Editing

When you’re looking for options for writing your book, you may have considered ghostwriting as a top choice. Hiring someone to write your book for you can free up time and mental space while generating a polished product. However, there is another option on the table that is equally proficient and abundantly rewarding: collaborative book writing.

Round Table Companies is more than a fancy name for a storytelling company. It is a virtual table where our clients and professional team come together to create a meaningful manuscript. You’ve heard of ghostwriting, but you may not be as familiar with collaborative book writing. Let’s take a closer look at this method.

A Book Writing Matchmaking Process

Traditional ghostwriting allows you to go do your own research and try to find a writer who fits your professional and credential expectations while also meeting your budgetary needs. While there is nothing wrong with this avenue, RTC does things a little differently. Once you inquire about our services, you will be invited to share more about your book writing ideas in a way that allows the RTC team to match you with a writer.

The team makes sure your writer has the time to fully commit to your book, the knowledge to meaningfully contribute to discovery conversations about its content, and the expertise to write in a way that is professional and polished, yet approachable.

Experienced Book Writers and Editors

You can find the names of many RTC writers and editors inside previous clients’ books (and sometimes on the cover). Often, this is done at the client’s request: they have been profoundly impacted by the collaborative book writing process and want to acknowledge the talent that helped bring their vision to life.

RTC’s book writers and editors come from diverse backgrounds, but all have extensive experience in writing about a variety of subjects. Many of the team members have written or published books of their own, been featured in published articles by renowned publications, and are considered experts in their field.

A Payment Formula That Works

If you’re choosing a ghostwriter from an agency, you are likely to encounter tiers of ghostwriting fees that vary based on availability and expertise. Some publishing experts may even give you a net price range to consider if you want an excellent manuscript. While price points matter, specifically for the client, and book writing isn’t a cheap endeavor, RTC has multiple service options to meet client needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Maybe you want to do some of the writing but could use an expert to keep you accountable and guide you through the book writing journey. RTC offers book coaching to achieve this goal. No two coaching relationships are alike!

The Truth about Collaborative Book Writing group

Or perhaps you’ve written a very rough draft of your book and need to know the next steps to polish the manuscript and prepare for publication. You can work with RTC’s book developmental editors and receive a comprehensive manuscript analysis, which is a road map for your book’s next steps.

RTC’s client care coordinators will work with you to determine the best option for your book writing goals and overall budget. Ultimately, RTC is here to help tell the story behind your story.

Book Writing with a Personal Touch

Instead of handing off your notes and transcripts to a ghostwriter, you can expect in-depth interviews, curious questions, and meaningful suggestions from your RTC collaborative book writing team. No page is complete without your approval. You can edit as much or as little as you like, but you’re in charge of the manuscript development every step of the way.

Your book will sound like you (if that is your goal). Your stories will be accurate and lively. Your experiences will make it to every corner of the page. But you might also forge some friendships along the way.