The Year of the Monarch

By: Laura Hall, Former President - Accessories, Ralph Lauren in Dose of Inspiration

Help your kids experience the wonder of nature and the collaborative spirit of the Conscious Capitalism community with the #YearOfTheMonarch coloring contest.


Would you like to be a hero or heroine?

In my book The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism for Kids, I use the letters of the alphabet to teach ideas linked to Conscious Capitalism. The letter H stands for heroes and heroines. To be a hero or heroine, you need to take action, roll with changes, and accomplish your mission at whatever cost. There are heroes and heroines of Conscious Capitalism, too. They have created companies that help people and the planet. They have inspired businesses to treat nature with care.

One of my Conscious Capitalism heroines is Kari Warberg Block. She started a company called EarthKind, which helps people keep pests away from homes, gardens, and farms without killing or poisoning animals and insects. This year Kari’s company is celebrating “The Year of the Monarch.”

Year of the Monarch Kari Warberg Block

Known for its brightly colored orange and black wings, the monarch butterfly is one of nature’s boldest pollinators. The butterflies help to create harmony in the world by contributing to the health of our planet and pollinating many types of wildflowers. Sadly, the monarch butterfly faces risks to its survival. The use of pesticides and the loss of their habitat is leading to lower numbers of butterflies every year. Kari and EarthKind are hoping to bring attention to the monarch and help to save this important pollinator.

Perhaps you could be a hero or heroine by joining us in our quest to create a better world for the monarch butterfly. We would like to invite you to learn about and appreciate the monarch butterfly and other pollinators that play such a vital role creating harmony on our planet.

If you can imagine it, you can see it. If you can see it, you can create it. Let us imagine a world in harmony. We need the next generation of heroes and heroines to step up in the world of Conscious Capitalism. Is that, maybe, you?

Here’s how you can take part:

  • Click here to download the drawing of the butterflies and color them in beautiful colors. Then, submit your artwork by sharing on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #YearOfTheMonarch or #TheABCsOfConsciousCapitalismForKids.
  • From June to November, there will be a drawing of all the butterfly colorings submitted. The winner will receive a special monarch butterfly kid’s kit. You have six chances to win this amazing kit!
Year of the Monarch gift bundle

Will you help us spread the word about monarch butterflies and how important they are? Will you consider saying yes to this challenge? The planet—and butterflies—need you!

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