Too Much Is Just Right: Meet RTC Project Manager Kristen Mitchell

By: Sheila M. Trask in Get to Know Us
on May 24th, 2021

Choreographing people and projects at Round Table Companies comes naturally to project manager Kristen Mitchell, who has coached, cajoled, and, yes, cheered on hundreds of young athletes over years of ushering them through the fast-paced world of competitive cheerleading. Picture her traveling with her team—some athletes as young as four, others about to graduate from high school—keeping her cool while staying in hotel rooms with them, supporting them through the competition, and occasionally taking everyone out to a musical afterward to celebrate. Clearly, the crazy crew of creatives at RTC is nothing she can’t handle.

Sports have been a family affair from the beginning: Kristen comes from a long line of dancers (she was in pointe shoes herself by the age of six) and started cheering in middle school under a program her mother ran. Kristen’s sister cheered alongside her while their brother played football. Today, she’s married to a man she met at a cheerleading competition, and even though Ryan and Kristen started out as rivals, cheering for competing teams, they’ve been married for ten years and have two daughters, Korie and Joey.

Kristen Mitchell family walking

They also have countless other “kids” they are close with—the athletes they’ve trained over the years. “Once you’re my kid, you’re always my kid,” says Kristen. They keep in touch with their students, and Kristen’s husband even became an ordained officiant so he could preside over wedding ceremonies for some of them.

Coaching has always been a passion for Kristen, though she did take a couple of detours on her career path. She started college with the intention to study elementary education but graduated with a criminal justice degree. Her first jobs after college were even further afield, working at investment management firm T. Rowe Price and college dorm-room décor startup Dormify.

Eventually, life led Kristen back to her true calling—coaching and advocating for the sport of cheerleading. Kristen has been instrumental in getting competitive cheering on the national stage and is part of the effort to bring it to the Olympics as well.

Kristen Cheer Family Kristen with husband and two daughters

Though COVID put a pause on those activities, Kristen has used the time to begin a new venture with her husband: Alpha Athletics, a training center dedicated to supporting competitive cheerleaders and their families. Through this training, they help athletes develop time management skills, discipline, teamwork, respect, and an appreciation for the hard work needed to achieve your goals.

As a project manager, Kristen embodies these very attributes, as she helps colleagues manage projects, work collaboratively, and rise to excellence with respect for all involved. A self-described “master planner,” it’s no surprise that she was drawn to RTC for its core values, particularly “leaning into learning” and “owning it,” values Kristen has long cultivated in her students and herself. Her master planning superpower may explain why, when she says that having “too much on her plate” is “just right” for her, you believe her.

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