7 Ways to Clean Up and Clear Out for Creative Inspiration

By: Agata Antonow in Dose of Inspiration

We’re all getting more familiar with our environments, aren’t we? Whether we’re practicing social distancing or are under quarantine, the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging us to stay indoors far more and to strip away everything but the essential contacts.

While you are finding new ways to work or working on finding ways to help, remember that it’s a great time to focus on creating our best environment. After all, we’re faced with it far more. At home and in our mental spaces, there are a few things we can challenge ourselves to do:

  • Clean house: With extra time available, we have the chance to clear out the junk drawer, organize our closets, and generally get our houses in order. Tackling projects around the home helps keep our minds focused on something productive and helps us create beautiful spaces where we can relax. Relaxing and creating a comfortable space is essential if we want to avoid burnout.
  • Refocus on beauty: We all have that “nice” set of china we keep hidden for special occasions or that fancy vase we got for our wedding that we rarely use. Now is the time to look around and bring out any beautiful pieces we want to enjoy every day. Beauty replenishes our souls and makes us enjoy spending time inside.
  • Let the outside in: Flinging open curtains and popping open a window isn’t just refreshing; it’s good for us, especially if we’re in quarantine. Spending an hour outside for a walk or at least on a sunny porch or patio, even if we have to maintain a distance from others, gives us a dose of vitamin D and the connection we all need to our natural environment.
  • Think comfort: As the world adjusts to working from home, many of us are discovering the joys of working in pajamas and loungewear, but is that what comfort really means? Looking around, where can we add true comfort? Can we set up a workspace in a sunny window? Could we create a blanket fort in which to spend time with someone we love? Could we pour a bath? We need a little extra “feathering of our nest” right now, so why not go beyond comfort for a little indulgence?
  • Set up our best mental environment: Therapists and health professionals have already pointed out that mental health is a priority for all of us right now, so let’s not overlook our internal environment. Meditation, rest, and creativity can help us all get through this time. Take a look at what’s happening inside and make a few adjustments. Consider catching up with old friends or starting that passion project sitting on the back burner. If it’s time to write your book, you know who to talk to.
  • Online is an environment, too: Trolls need to take a hike. During regular times, they’re aggravating, but right now they’re a serious threat to our peace of mind. Let’s use the “unfollow” and “block” buttons liberally and seek out inspiring and uplifting classes, people, and online friends.
  • Build a creative space: Creativity heals. It lets us take a close look at our worries and inner life and create something new by knitting all life’s material together in fresh ways. Creative projects help us make sense of the world around us, even when the world doesn’t make much sense. Let’s set aside a space in our homes and make time for painting, drawing, journaling, and writing. Tackle that book, which has been simmering for years. Or maybe now’s the time to make your own picture book or picture journal, chronicling what this time was like.

With no time spent commuting and less time heading out, a world has opened up for creativity, togetherness, and a fresh perspective. Let’s step through and explore by creating a space that lets us thrive—not just survive—today and in the next chapter to come.