Using Business Storytelling to Make a Lasting Impression

By: Sheila M. Trask in Storytelling in Business

Corey Blake, founder and CEO at Round Table Companies (RTC) recently wrote about the power of vulnerability in business storytelling for the “Success Advice” website. In How to Tell a Story About Yourself That Leaves a Lasting Impact on Your Business, Blake shares experiences from twenty years of personal, brand, and business storytelling.

Your Business Has a Story. You Should Tell It.

Every business has a story, a story of its origin, what it stands for, its mission and culture. And, explains Blake, every leader has fears around telling the raw truth of that story. In this piece, Blake explores those common fears and demonstrates, through his own vulnerable stories, that sharing emotions and vulnerability in a business context is worth the risk.

“Business storytelling and inviting people into moments like this,” writes Blake, “can provide greater emotional connections that build trust between you and your audience.”

Ready to tell the story of your business?

3 Techniques for Business Storytelling that Hit Home

Beyond the “why” of business storytelling, Blake also shares the nuts and bolts of how to do it, offering three specific storytelling techniques for businesses that professionals can use to move beyond the data and create brand messaging that builds engagement and trust. Readers will learn how to choose stories to share that will invite people into their world, the most effective ways to share their business’s origin story, and techniques for harnessing the power of the five senses in business storytelling.

Vulnerable Business Storytelling Is Your Superpower

“Embrace the power of vulnerability,” concludes Blake, “and you’ll create the kind of content people are excited to revisit, reflect upon, converse about, share, and most importantly, act upon.”

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