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By: Corey Blake, CEO Round Table Companies in Book Writing and Editing

I was waiting for my Dragon’s Gap phone call to begin, when my WhatsApp pinged again.

“It’s like they truly see you, right?” The words on my screen hit my heart in a way that a cardiogram would have flashed: This is what you’ve worked for!

In the text chain were two of my classmates, who happened to both be book clients: Erik—the CEO of Oral Health Industries—who finished writing his book last year; and Mark—advisor to and former president at Home Run Inn Pizza and Foods—who was six weeks into envisioning his book with our book writing services. They had fallen into a back-and-forth about working with RTC.

Our approach to writing books

What Our Book Writing Services Mean for Writers

When Mark shared that final comment, I could imagine the experience of being seen through the eyes of our creative team. We work hard at RTC to hire writers and professional book editors whose talents go beyond the literary. Our team has a way of excavating our client’s beauty and reflecting it back to them through loving eyes.

For the many business leaders, CEOs, company presidents, and thought leaders we work with, this is a new experience. They are used to being viewed as tough, ruthless, high-achieving; they’re not familiar with the kind of deep, fascinated listening they get from our people. When they turn to us for help writing their book, they discover that the process allows them to be fully human, to explore aspects of themselves they have yet to shine a light on, to be seen by a team who appreciates them for both their superpowers and their kryptonite.

Seeing Mark’s text and his exchange with Erik drove an awareness home for me: Our approach to book writing services honors the wholeness of our clients, and then shares that wholeness as beautiful art. This combination paves the way for deeper acceptance of their beauty. It is a revision of an old story that labeled part of them as good and part of them as bad. The ownership of that new story is what people call transformation.

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