Why SEO Is Important for Marketing Your Book

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Publishing and Book Launch

Before you run to a standard website builder and plaster pictures of your book across the home page, take a moment to read this. A visually appealing website is certainly a critical step. However, hidden back-end attributes such as search engine optimization (SEO) are equally (if not more) vital to your book marketing strategy.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the creative balance of multiple methodologies for getting increased online search visibility. Because people use search engines, such as Google and Bing, to discover content online, implementing best practice SEO methodologies can help position your author website higher in the search engine results, drive traffic to your site, and help with marketing your book online.

There are many “under the hood” methodologies with regard to SEO, but for this post, we are focusing on strategically optimizing the content on your author website not only for higher positioning in search results, but to help with your book marketing efforts.

“You must approach your website and online content with purpose.”

Search Engines Love Content

One crucial element to best practice SEO is writing strategic, relevant, authoritative content. And you thought you were done with writing once your book was published! NOT. Content really is king, and writing optimized content will assist with obtaining the increased online search visibility that authors want, for book (and author) recognition, book promotion, and sales.

A great book promotion tactic is to reuse and/or repurpose your book's content into optimized blog posts and articles, not only on your author website, but in other online marketing media venues, TED Talks, podcasts, guest blog posts, and online publicity.

What Is Optimized Content?

Content optimization is creating content in a way that search engines will understand and then be able to serve to your target audience when they speak or type queries into the search engines. This content creation process requires the presence (and strategic positioning) of associated target keyword phrases, using optimized header tags, metadata, and relevant internal linking strategies, to name a few examples of optimized content.

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Creating Strategic SEO Content to Help Your Book Marketing

Keep in mind that simply randomly writing content online may not cut the mustard. You must approach your website and online content with purpose. Therefore, have strategic goals for your content:

  • Choose the correct keyword phrases that your target audience is searching for.
  • Strategically, but naturally, implement keyword phrases within your content pieces.
  • Implement the best practice SEO elements in your website content pages, such as SEO Header headlines and subheadlines, SEO metadata, schema, internal linking, and more.

Tracking Your Book Marketing Efforts

Once you are set up with optimizing your author website and content development strategies and are implementing ongoing SEO methodologies, you are well positioned to track and monitor the results of your efforts. Be sure to set up some type of analytics on your author website, such as Google Analytics (free). Additionally, there are tons of free tools to track your search engine positioning (keywords) and monitor your competitors (behind the scenes).

Why SEO is Important for Marketing Your Book typing

Your Ultimate Book Marketing Goals

Optimizing your author website is a powerful, effective way to position yourself for increased search visibility, brand/name share of voice recognition, and more.

The overall goal is to enhance your book marketing strategy so you can sell more copies, obtain more speaking gigs, and get your story out there into the world.