World Traveler with a Big Heart

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Get to Know Us
on April 15th, 2018

Rebecca Nutt is a fifth-generation Floridian and one of the few members of her family to live outside of Florida. In fact, she and her husband reside outside the United States in Nassau, the capital city of Bahamas. Rebecca is also a passionate world traveler, having been to twenty-three countries and over thirty different US states.

In her spare time, you can find her going on long walks, practicing yoga, having friends around for dinner, boating, or going to the beach. Her go-to tea order is unsweetened iced tea with lemon. The stronger the tea, the better. If it is a weekend treat, you can find her sipping on Bewley’s hot tea with two raw brown sugars and whole milk.

Rebecca finds something admirable in everything she encounters. She does not have a favorite book. She reads so much that her favorite book is usually the one she is currently reading. From novels to biographies to news articles and some features in between, she reads anything and everything. Rebecca also does not have a favorite literary or movie character because she always finds something entertaining or memorable about the characters within the work.

While she may not have many favorites, Rebecca’s secret talent is singing her preferred karaoke song, Madonna’s “Crazy for You.”

Her not-so-secret talent is her impeccable gift for writing and coaching.

Back in college, Rebecca started out as a special education major. At nineteen, feeling the pressure to choose a major that would determine her career for life, Rebecca decided that special education was not for her.

“I became nervous that I might screw up somebody’s kid,” Rebecca admitted.

Nerves led her in the right direction. She earned her bachelor of arts in journalism and minored in sociology. Rebecca went on to spend eleven years as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers. She has experience as an entertainment reporter, editor, and a sports editor.

Eventually, it was time for a change. Rebecca missed living in a big city, so she moved from Melbourne, FL, to Miami. She was growing tired of the journalism hours—working all night, holidays and weekends. Most of all, Rebecca wanted more balance in her life. She wanted time for socializing and being in sync with the rest of society. Driven by this need for change, Rebecca found a position in commercial real estate where she writes, designs graphics, and develops marketing materials for investment properties.

When she’s not coaching real estate agents or creating marketing materials, Rebecca dedicates her time and years of journalism experience to Round Table Companies as a staff writer and writing coach.

Three years ago, Rebecca’s longtime friend and fellow journalist was in charge of a writing project for the Wisconsin-based Oconomowoc Residential Programs (ORP), an institution for kids on the autism spectrum. As an aunt to a wonderful nephew with autism, Rebecca was invited to collaborate on the project.

“She felt like I would be in the right heart place to write about children with autism and what their families experience,” Rebecca said.

Her longtime friend was correct. Rebecca has been in the right heart place with all her RTC projects ever since.

Rebecca’s superpower is resilience, and she loves to laugh and make others laugh. Her three rules to live by are: be happy; if you’re not happy, explore why and fix it; and stay open to learning and trying new things, always.

For someone who doesn’t have many favorites, she does have a favorite quote you may recognize. It’s a quote that is truly relatable for anyone writing a book: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”