You Need to Get Your Story Told: A RTC Book and Publishing Testimonial

By: Carolynn Brooks, Former Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer, OfficeMax in RTC Testimonials
on October 25th, 2016

For Carolyn Brooks, author of You Will Know My Name: A Memoir, family, trust, and integrity, make up the cornerstone of who she is. From the book vision to publishing, the Round Table Companies team worked alongside Carolyn to ensure these tenants remained at the forefront of her book writing and publishing journey.

Throughout her book writing process, Carolyn praised the RTC team for making sure her voice was heard and that her essence was never lost across the pages.

“I think anyone who would want to make sure their vision and their voice is heard through a book that they’ve written will find that they can work very well with the RTC team,” Carolyn says.

Let us become your book writing team family and help you bring your book to life!