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Important information to know before submitting:

Manuscript Stage

When your manuscript is at least 75% complete, you may apply.

Application Fee

There is a $250 application fee for your submission to Conscious Capitalism Press.


A synopsis (a detailed description of the book you have written) will be required, along with up your manuscript or portion thereof.

Analysis Process

As part of your initial investment and application fee, our editorial team will perform an analysis on up to 12,500 words from your submission documents. We do not send form letters in response to your submission. You will receive a personalized analysis from a professional editor who has examined the voice of your writing, structure, readability, likability, and logic. The resulting analysis will be shared with you and if your submission has met the qualifications for CC Press, it will be presented to our publisher, Corey Blake, and to Conscious Capitalism's CEO, Alexander McCobin, for consideration.

Analysis Turnaround

Please expect an estimated four-week turnaround for your analysis.

Packaging Fees

If you are approved for publishing with Conscious Capitalism Press, there is an additional packaging fee of $10,000 to participate. The packaging fee, which may be broken into multiple payments, includes custom paperback cover design, custom internal formatting and layout for a book of 60,000 words or less*, ISBNs, Library of Congress submission, manuscript registration with the US Copyright Office, physical proof copy for approval, internet distribution of the printed book through, Barnes&, and other online retailers, digital distribution through Kindle and other digital vendors, a 33.33% royalty on all defined proceeds, and 20 paperback copies. (Click here for more information on the advantages of joining CC Press.)

*Manuscripts with more than 60,000 words may be subject to additional fees.


Larger publishing packages that include marketing services in advance of your book launch are also available, as are additional services to support the development of your manuscript itself.


The timeline for publishing with CC Press is anywhere from 12 to 24 months depending on the size of your manuscript and where you are in the writing process. To best care for each of our authors, CC Press publishes a limited number of books in a given time period and will schedule the release of your book accordingly.

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