Originally sent on March 172020

A letter to our clients and friends

Dear RTC Family,

I hope this message finds you healthy and safe. We are obviously in the midst of an unprecedented moment.

Maybe your experience has been like my own.

I watch myself consuming the latest updates on COVID-19 with an insatiable appetite. I feel an aching emptiness in my heart at the number of people passing away in isolation. When I think about my parents becoming ill, I drown in a flood of mixed emotions; to not be allowed to see them, sit with them, or hold their hands would be unimaginable. And yet, here we are. Seemingly, in the blink of an eye, everything has changed.

And yet, something else has my attention as well. My sense of purpose is bright, pulsing, alive. One of our partners I work closely with is committed to solving the paycheck to paycheck crisis in America. Together, we are working at a feverish pace to ease the suffering of those who will be financially devastated in the coming weeks and months.

Maybe like me, you're called to use whatever gifts you've been given to make a difference right now. Maybe your focus is on the clients you serve. Maybe it is on your children or your community or your faith. Wherever you feel your heart pulling you, I hope you are listening. It is times like these when we learn the most about who we are and what we are meant to do with our time on this planet.

At RTC, we have spent years assembling and nurturing a team whose calling is to give voice to those who are compelled to change the world. Because we were born as a virtual company fifteen years ago, we do not have to contend with changes in our work structure that so many are adjusting to. That means we remain focused on our work—on helping you to make sense of your own story as new aspects of your narrative emerge throughout this crisis.

From a wellness standpoint, our company is in a good position to weather this crisis. Our cash position is healthy and our team is committed. We will be here standing beside you throughout this uncertainty. We will be here on the day that we can safely gather together again, hug each other tightly, process all that we've been through, and lock arms as we take our next steps together.

In the meantime:

  • Listen to whatever "purpose" is pulling you while you also balance the practicalities of life.
  • Think of what you'll need two weeks from now and order those things today. Shipping times are extending. Plan ahead.
  • If you are in a decent financial position, order food from your local restaurants and have it delivered. Leave a gratuity for your delivery driver in an envelope outside your door. So many people are transitioning to making deliveries to earn an income. Be generous with those risking their health so you don't have to.
  • Most importantly, start the conversations today that need to be had. Talk to those who are important to you about what matters. Having the answers is far less important than being in the conversation.

Be in the conversations of your life.

Stay healthy. Stay grateful. Be kind to yourself and others.

With love and gratitude for you,