How healthy is your company culture?

You’re making substantial investments in your company culture in the hopes you are positively impacting your people and producing real and legitimate business outcomes. But how do you know if you are accomplishing either? We’re guessing you don't.

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What You Don’t Know about Your Company Culture Could Fill a Stadium

(But let’s begin with a handful.)

  • You don’t know if your purpose and values permeate down to the front lines of your business or go no further than your leadership.

  • You don’t know where to find your intrinsic values ambassadors so they can uphold the filters you’ve designated as imperative.

  • You don’t know which values are under- or over-represented and undermining the business outcomes you are attempting to achieve.

  • You don’t know how to identify the support your employees will need when stressed so they are less likely to sabotage your values.

  • You don’t know how your ongoing investment in conscious culture will produce real and legitimate business outcomes.

  • You don’t know if your employees feel that legitimate sense of belonging that they are desperately seeking.

Finally! Insight to the Edges of Your Culture

We’ve designed a user-friendly diagnostic tool that provides a psychologically safe environment for your employees to reveal most everything you likely want to know about your company culture so that you can make more strategic decisions about where to place your culture investments.

Introducing OUR Courageous Culture: MY Powerful Purpose

A representative group of your employees are guided through an online workshop to help them articulate their deeply authentic personal purpose and then connect it to your company’s purpose. After just 60 to 75 minutes, they will each know how they uniquely matter to your organization.

AND, from the aggregated data collected across your employees, we can see patterns that reveal insights into your entire culture that you've never been able to measure before.

  • What percentage of your employees intuitively prioritize your values?

    And how can you leverage their natural strengths across the organization?

  • Which of your core values have too many champions or too few?

    What is being sacrificed as a result, and how do you mitigate the risks posed?

  • Which of your priorities are employees most and least likely to achieve?

    What adjustments may need to be made to hit your targets?

  • How are employees most likely to unconsciously harm your culture?

    Can you support them with tools to reduce or eliminate potential damage?