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Illustration for children’s books, book covers, graphic novels, comic books, and more. Your books come alive with Illustration from Round Table Companies.

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Enhance Your Message With Book Illustration

Illustrating your book brings it to life and can give you a different way to tell your story. Often, a comic-book approach can tell a hard story in a more relatable way for all audiences. Like music in a movie, an illustration brings that moment to life.


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Comics aren’t always funny, but they can be meaningful.

While comic and illustrative designs are often used in kid-focused material, they work for kids of all ages. They reach us in ways that words alone—even words with photographs—cannot do. A drawing speaks directly to our emotional, imaginative side and opens us up to receive the heart of the message in a heartwarming and engaging way.

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Let us create something just for you

Work with our editorial team to adapt your existing book or create a new story

Fiction or non-fiction

Black and white or full color

Page counts varying from eight illustrated pages all the way up to 100 or more

Watch your story come to life as an illustrated piece

Make an impression. Create a conversation.

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The support I received during the writing and editing process from everyone at RTC was extraordinary. I am especially grateful to my editors, Agata and Malary. They listened and helped me so much in understanding the nuances of writing a book for children.

Laura Hall
Partner, WHYZ Partners
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