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When you are writing your book, you may need help with your manuscript, an analysis of your writing, or help from a book editor. A Round Table Companies editor can help you turn your manuscript into a book.

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How do professional book editors turn my manuscript into a book?

Why Hire a Book Editor?

A book editor is critical to turning your manuscript into a book. Guided by our standard of brilliance, every one of our editors at RTC is curious, caring, and collaborative to meet your needs and ensure your story is shared in the most exceptional way.

Getting Started

We take pride and honor that you are putting your story into our hands for refinement. Our client service team gets to know you in order to match you with an editor. At your first meeting, you and your editor will talk about your story, goals, and intentions. That will be a guide for your new partnership in order to finalize your story and, if needed, elevate your narrative in new ways.

What Happens in a Manuscript Analysis?

Your book editor will conduct an in-depth review of your book, and it goes beyond what you may expect. A Round Table Companies editor will explore our seven key readership qualities that include voice, tone, and structure, plus rhythm, readability, likeability, and intimacy. Our professional book editors will uncover areas of your story that are most compelling and those that may be more challenging for the reader.

What Happens after the Analysis?

When you meet with your Round Table Companies editor to go over the analysis, you will have an important conversation about the next steps. There may be areas of your manuscript that need to be touched up or some of the narrative that needs attention. You and your editor will work through the best way to create your final manuscript. When you are ready, we can move to the next steps in the book design process.

Our editor at RTC was able to see things seven other editors overlooked. If you’re looking for someone to help you birth a book and get it out the door, look no further.

Chad Littlefield and Will Wise
Chad Littlefield and Will Wise
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