Book Writing — Our Signature Process

A book writing service that goes beyond what a “ghostwriter” does. The writing team from Round Table Companies works with you, unearthing the story you are meant to tell. Our end-to-end book writing process takes care of everything for you.

What If I Don’t Have Time to Write My Book?

When you are wondering how to start writing your book while running your company, your team, and your life, the team at RTC does it for you. Whether you are writing a book that is inspirational, educational, healing, or game-changing, you can change the world with your ideas. We write and publish your book for you.


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How We Write and Publish Your Book

Together, we will tell your story in the most engaging way for the greatest level of impact. The writing team creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in order to have the candid and open conversations that lead to the most engaging and meaningful narrative. Read a little more about our process below, and you can hear from our past clients for their perspective.


Our first goal is to drive the project toward a blueprint. Much like the construction of a home, your book needs a strong blueprint to ensure that we all know what we are building together.

  • Kickoff
  • Interview
  • Vision
  • Outline


Once the blueprint has been approved, the team moves into the process of capturing the voice of the book as it writes the introduction and first chapters.

  • Interviews
  • Intro
  • Chapters 1 and 2

Chapter Development

We consider the blueprint to be the book’s roadmap and the voice to be the vehicle, so once we have both in hand we hit the open road and move into chapter writing at a more feverish pace.

  • Interviews
  • Write
  • Edit (Repeat)

Full Manuscript Review

When a first full draft has been completed, the team dives back into the manuscript to layer with more depth.

  • Compile
  • Edit
  • Layer

Finishing Touches

Then the book is edited multiple times before moving into proofreading and final approval.

  • Revisions
  • Final Details
  • Proofreading


Your house is built. It has the solid foundation, strong structure, the inner workings that give it depth, and everything you need to make the house into a home . . . except for the decorations (packaging and publishing).

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For years I thought about writing a book and telling my story. Like any aspiring author, though, it seemed out of my reach. Overwhelmed with where to begin and doubting my own abilities, I turned to RTC. They stepped in and provided not only a vision but the expertise and support to realize a lifelong dream. When it comes to unlocking your own authentic voice, there is no one better.

Mark Carlson
Former President, Home Run Inn Frozen Foods
Am I good enough handwritten

It’s time to be brave and tell your story

Overcome the five most common fears about writing your book.