Book Packaging

We’ll guide the entire process for a beautifully designed book in print and digital formats.

RTC Published Book Covers And Interior

Your book’s design should be as brilliant as your words.

There are many steps to designing and publishing a book. We’ll guide the entire process so you arrive at a beautiful, custom-designed book, ready for distribution in print and digital formats.

Your Book’s Cover

The first step once you have a title and a nearly complete manuscript is the design process. We will discuss any ideas you may have developed along the way, our design team will review portions of your manuscript, and we will provide several custom concepts to review as a team and end with a cover you will be proud to display.

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Illustrations reach us in ways that words alone—even words with photographs—cannot do. A drawing speaks directly to our emotional, imaginative side and opens us up to receive the heart of the message in a heartwarming and engaging way. Whether you need a few supporting drawings or a full graphic novel, we’re here to help. View more details.

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Interior Layout of Your Book

Professional typesetting and design from page to page. Nothing is an afterthought, whether your book is a memoir, business book, workbook, graphic novel, illustrated book for children, or involves complex math typesetting.

RTC Published Book interiors

Digital Book Design

Want your book published in digital format for tablet readers—with a human touch? We offer more than just conversion. Our team gives all of our books TLC, including those that turn pages with a tap instead of the lift of a page.

Digital and Physical Book of Restoring The Soul

Publishing and Distribution

As part of your package, we’ll enroll you in our self-guided course that steps you through setting up and submitting your book when it is ready.

Additional services are available to help you reach your audience.

Hardcover version

Press or speaker kit

Guaranteed placement at a TEDx event


Author website

And more . . .

“Magoosh came to RTC with no experience with creating or publishing a book. Now, two beautiful books later, we’ve been able to grow our awareness and brand with our highly-rated test prep books (4.6/5 stars on Amazon!). Thanks to RTC for their support!”

Jessica Wan
Head of Marketing, Magoosh
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Let us guide you through our process!