Business Storytelling Through Film

When business storytelling is delivered through film and video, your message comes to life in a more impactful and repeatable way.

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Award Winning Film Production for Storytelling

Film and video for corporate events, commercials, viral videos, and other methods of business storytelling. With an award-winning production team with more than 40 Emmy Awards.

Business storytelling - communicating your strategic vision, your guiding purpose, or your brand story in film and video-gives you the opportunity to create a more immersive experience. One that more easily reaches current and new audiences to make a deeper, richer impact.

See a few examples below, or get in touch with us to talk about your goals and ideas about business storytelling for your brand using film and video.

Examples of Business Storytelling through Film

The examples below show some of our work using film for storytelling. One delivers on our core values around being vulnerable, one shows business storytelling for a corporate client, and one captures an incredible story from one of our clients who has told their story through book writing.

We Heard You

Round Table Companies proudly partnered with Early Light Media to produce this short animated PayActiv commercial that tells the story of an essential worker. Launched on August 13, 2020, within five days, this PayActiv advertisement had been viewed more than one million times on Youtube alone.

PayActiv Film

PayActiv invented the category of Earned Wage Access—giving employees access to wages they have earned but not yet been paid. This year they’ll move $3 billion into the hands of workers between paychecks. Because they proved the category, competition grew around them, and not all with the intention to focus on the holistic financial wellness of workers. PayActiv needed to find a way to amplify the values they stand for so that companies felt the depth of their earnestness in solving this problem in America.

Vulnerability is Sexy Documentary

This surprising and moving film uses business storytelling to communicate one of our most important core values. In “Vulnerability is Sexy,” we show the work that Corey Blake and the Round Table Companies team of artists do to help explore and create new ways of creating deep, personal connections by creating one of our art wall experiences for events.

Storytelling for Inspiration

Carmen Tarleton - the first woman in the U.S. to receive two face transplants - is a living inspiration. Her personal storytelling through her book writing, speaking career, and press coverage conveys her personal journey through extreme adversity.

When her book, "Overcome: Burned, Blinded, and Blessed," came out, her story was covered in the New York Times and the Boston Globe and on CNN, The Verge, and The Doctors. This video takes business storytelling to a different level, as we tell more of Carmen’s story and do what the only video can, and showcase her amazing spirit.

Behind the Scenes Mary Haynes

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