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Our production partners have won over 40 Emmys. When we bring them into a project, we combine their talents in film production with our gift for business storytelling at scale. The result is a first-rate team that will create something extraordinary for your organization.

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VIS Documentary

Vulnerability is Sexy is a 14-minute documentary exploring a new way of entering relationships that offers the kind of connection most people are after, but rarely risk pursuing. The film follows the work of Corey Blake and his team of artists as they erect installations at events and engage attendees to anonymously share their vulnerabilities so they can be turned into works of art.

PayActiv Film

PayActiv invented the category of Earned Wage Access—giving employees access to wages they have earned but not yet been paid. This year they’ll move $3 billion into the hands of workers between paychecks. Because they proved the category, competition grew around them, and not all with the intention to focus on the holistic financial wellness of workers. PayActiv needed to find a way to amplify the values they stand for so that companies felt the depth of their earnestness in solving this problem in America.

Carmen Tarleton

Before Carmen Tarleton became famous for the most extensive face transplant in history, she asked us to help her write her book and launch her speaking career. When her book, Overcome: Burned, Blinded, and Blessed, came out, her story was covered in the New York Times and the Boston Globe and on CNN, The Verge, and The Doctors. Carmen is a true hero who continually demonstrates that human beings can overcome most any tragedy.

Behind the Scenes Mary Haynes

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