Executive Coach

Discover who you are meant to be. Corey Blake is a non-traditional executive coach. His specialty leadership style is a synthesis of conscious ideals, inspirational messaging and powerful activation.

Uncovering Gifts and Purpose to Manifest your Vision

Profoundly effective leaders have secrets to success. Yes, they are driven, they are goal-oriented and smart. But the leaders that our world needs today and in the future are those who can inspire the best in others. Unless you are in a military position of authority, your teams choose whether, or not, to follow you. Inside of them is the fate of your organization. How far they go as a team to accomplish the goals that you set rests on your ability to connect with your team and get them to see you and see your vision.

Corey Blake works with leaders of all types to core truth and language alignment that is needed. Needed for you as a leader to access the natural gifts you have. To tell your story of your purpose and manifest your ultimate vision.

  • Not Productivity but Purpose.
  • Not Motivation but Vision
  • Not Presence but Being Seen

“Corey is an amazing coach. Soulful, thoughtful and incredibly insightful. My contact with him helped shift my energy toward greater outer focus and clarity. I am experiencing my own creative emergence and he has been a part of that journey for me. He leverages powerful questions and wraps them with a bow of love. Seeing how his company has grown is inspiring me to take the next steps in mine. Thank you Corey! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Alicia Korten
CEO, The Culture Company

“Wow, my mind is spinning! I am especially grateful for how you stretch me to explore my purpose in deeper terms - giving me permission to be vulnerable.”

Suzie Carpenter
Certified Holistic Health Coach