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Corey Blake’s engaging style works in groups to facilitate a deeper connection, uncover core values, and define your company’s purpose. His vulnerability methodology works in organizations of all types and sizes, and results in a more cohesive and loyal team, united with a shared commitment that your clients will be able to feel.

Corey Blake Workshop Group

Core Values Workshop

Once your core values have been established, it is imperative to roll them out in such a way that your people claim ownership of the values and language. Storytelling is key. Vulnerable. True. Raw.

Trust Corey to help uncover the core values of your company.

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That was a masterclass in storytelling!

Rand Stagen
Rand Stagen
Founder and Managing Director, Stagen Leadership Academy

I came into the experience caring about my team and left the experience loving them each so deeply, so profoundly, with everything I am.

Bethany Andell
Bethany Andell
CEO, Savage Brands
Tal Spirer Testimonial for Workshop

I have heard nothing but raves for you and where you took us. I am so proud to be part of an organization that chooses to do this work with you.

Jackie Dryden 
Jackie Dryden 
Chief Purpose Architect, Savage Brands
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