Your Company Purpose Story

Your organization has a heroic nature. As a human being, you are built for heroics and you’ve built your company to be heroic. Since accepting its call to adventure, your company has been aided by allies and mentors, educated through a road of trials, and rewarded with wisdom and treasure. Throughout the life of your organization, there will be one primary hero’s journey arc in play. We want to hang a picture frame around that story, so that every viewer immediately knows if your story feels like home.

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Uncover Your Company’s Primary Hero’s Journey

Your company holds a collection of stories, desperate to be woven together.

Every individual within your company is guided by a me story, your teams adopt we stories, and your overall culture is attempting to tell a unified us story. Bringing your organization into alignment is a process of weaving together the me, we, and us stories into a single narrative that authentically expresses the heart of your company today, while also expressing how your company aspires to be of service tomorrow. To determine your primary hero’s journey story, we engage in a two-part process:

  • Tease out the stories of those who are most individually influential.
  • Aggregate the stories of those who influence en masse.
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Unearth the Me to Get to the We

  • With Leadership and Influencers

    A day-and-a-half, guided in-person workshop, with your most influential leaders. Scheduled in as little as two to four weeks.

  • With Stakeholders

    A 75-minute online workshop, accessible by hundreds or thousands of your stakeholders. Ready today.

In-Person and Online Workshops Use the Same Approach

  • 1. Establish Psychological Safety

    We create a safe container for people to authentically contribute.

  • 2. Unearth the Me Stories

    Our proven purpose process surfaces each individual’s primary hero’s journey story.

  • 3. Weave Together the We Story

    We weave together the common themes to determine what you were built to do together.

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In-Person Workshop Deliverables

Individual purpose statements of each participating influencer/leader

A powerful working draft the organization’s core values, steeped in deep authenticity and expressed poetically.

A powerful working draft of the organization’s purpose, steeped in deep authenticity and expressed poetically.

After the workshop, we'll summarize and provide these key data points to the leadership team within two days.


Online Workshop Deliverables

List of participating stakeholders

*To ensure participants are supported in expressing themselves authentically, all other results are anonymized before being shared with the client company.

Individual purpose statements of participating stakeholders

List of top personal core values shared by participating stakeholders

List of top personal pain points shared by participating stakeholders

These will be provided within a week of the online workshop being completed by your stakeholders.


Your Us Story Is Revealed

Lastly, we combine the we stories from both approaches to reveal your unified us story and prepare a single-page, moving version that shares the company you are today and the company you are aspiring to become tomorrow (your brand narrative).

This story can then be amplified across mediums as your central story through continued work with us or with a traditional marketing company.

This story will be provided within approximately two weeks of completing the first two deliverables.